Node.js + Lego Mindstorms, together at last attendee directory

Patrick Donohoe

Artist / Picture Hanger / Web Producer bio from Twitter

Adhip Gupta

coffee. web. developer. brighton. formula1. music. vxtindia. coffee. coffee. bio from Twitter

Thomas Parslow

I'm Tom, I'm a freelance programmer from Brighton specializing in Python, Javascript and RESTful API design. I have a website at

Rob Lacey

software developer, ruby / ruby on rails developer, systems administrator, geek, noisy music enthusiast, film extra, horror fan.

Chris Newton

I program for the web. I mostly tweet observations, musings and opinions on tech, science fiction and video games. Though not necessarily in that order. bio from Twitter

Robert Douglas

Doing lovely mobile design work with @ribot bio from Twitter

Andrew Moist

Open data hacker. Entrepreneur. Founder of Land Technologies. bio from Twitter

Benjie Gillam

Full-stack developer, indie hacker, open source contributor, maker, vim, git, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Node.js, React. Ex-YC. IBD:UC bio from Twitter

Adam Yeats

Creative Technologist at @MetaBroadcast. JavaScript and Node.js guy. It was all a dream, I used to read .net magazine. bio from Twitter

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Premasagar Rose

Web app programmer (freelance JavaScript / Node.js). Tree planter. Interested in society. Founded @asyncjs, @dharmafly + @L4RP. Ex-Brighton, now remote