Node.js + Lego Mindstorms, together at last attendee directory

Ramesh Bajgain

Trekking And Tours operator at Nepal Holiday Treks And Tours Pvt. Ltd

Patrick Donohoe

Artist / Picture Hanger / Web Producer bio from Twitter

Adhip Gupta

coffee. web. developer. brighton. formula1. music. vxtindia. coffee. coffee. bio from Twitter

Thomas Parslow

I'm Tom, I'm a freelance programmer from Brighton specializing in Python, Javascript and RESTful API design. I have a website at http://almostobsolete.net

Rob Lacey

software developer, ruby / ruby on rails developer, systems administrator, geek, noisy music enthusiast, film extra, horror fan. http://github.com/braindeaf

Chris Newton

I program for the web. I mostly tweet observations, musings and opinions on tech, science fiction and video games. Though not necessarily in that order. bio from Twitter

Robert Douglas

Doing lovely mobile design work with @ribot bio from Twitter

Andrew Moist

Open data hacker. Entrepreneur. Founder of Land Technologies. bio from Twitter

Benjie Gillam

PostGraphile (formerly PostGraphQL) OSS maintainer, software consultant, GraphQL trainer, Makerspace founder, YC alum, working with @JofArnold. IBD:UC bio from Twitter

Adam Yeats

Creative Technologist at @MetaBroadcast. JavaScript and Node.js guy. It was all a dream, I used to read .net magazine. bio from Twitter

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Premasagar Rose

Web app programmer (freelance JavaScript / Node.js). Tree planter. Interested in society. Founded @asyncjs, @dharmafly + @L4RP. Ex-Brighton, now remote

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