Grokking Git by seeing it

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Unless you’ve being living under a rock for the past couple of years, chances are you’ve already heard about a distributed source control system called Git, developed by Linux creator Linus Torvalds. I’m also pretty sure that what you’ve heard are some pretty enthusiastic comments, describing Git as “awesome” or “revolutionary”.
“But it’s version control, for crying out loud”. What’s the big deal?
If that’s your response, I totally get you. It’s hard to be excited about a version control tool without really knowing what exactly is that sets it apart from all the others that you’ve likely seen in the past.
It may be that you’ve already been using Git for a while to collaborate on some open source project or even at work. You know how to commit files, create branches and merge your work with others. If that’s the case, believe me, you’ve only barely scratched the surface of it.
In this session I’ll teach you the Git zen from the inside out. Working out of real world scenarios, I’ll walk you through Git’s core concepts and building blocks, building our way up to more advanced features. And I’ll do it by showing you graphically what happens under the covers every time you fire a Git command. It’s my belief that this kind of deep understanding of Git’s inner workings is the key to unlock its true power: taking control of your history.
So, if you are a visual learner with an urge to find out what the Git fuzz is all about, or you want to know how to take your existing Git skills to the next level, come to this session and literally see it for yourself.

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Enrico Campidoglio

Italian software maker emigrated to Sweden. Speaker and technical trainer. Core contributor to AutoFixture. Mechanical keyboards enthusiast.

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Sweden Sweden, Malmo

20th October 2012

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Date Sat 20th October 2012

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