London iOS Developer Group 37 attendee directory


Thinker. Tinkerer.

Leon Gauhman

co-founder http://wearehive.co.uk bio from Twitter

Ivan Andriollo

CEO & lead developer @ Tantrum Solutions / software engineer / App developer - iOS, OSX and more bio from Twitter

Daniel Thorpe

A creator of connected, location aware mobile apps. Among other projects, I'm the iOS tech lead at @Badoo. bio from Twitter

Andy Smith

Lord High Admiral of Mr. Smith's Marvellous Mechanical Old Fashioned Software Emporium bio from Twitter

Richard George

Code, hike, run, climb & paddle. PHP Game Developer, Geek, Feminist, European, Craft Beer Aficionado. Proud holder of a well-worn red passport. He/Him. bio from Twitter

Pedro Gomes

iOS and Mac Developer. bio from Twitter

Matias Piipari

CTO of Papers @ Springer Business + Media, coauthor of @papersapp, EA Mobile @drawjumpapp, computational biologist, electronic music geek, Open Access advocate.

James Gill

Founder + CEO + Designer of @GoSquared bio from Twitter

Pieter Omvlee

Founder of Bohemian Coding, developer of Fontcase and Sketch. Regular listener to classical music and reasonably competent pianist. bio from Twitter

Demian Turner

A Canadian Londoner, entrepreneur, programmer, Cocoa devotee, language enthusiast. Co-founder of Doris and Kindo.

Neil Kimmett

iOS developer at M&S Labs. bio from Twitter

Portable Pixels

Creators of Hatchi. Occasionally relapse and develop apps for clients. bio from Twitter

John Goldsmith

Microsoft Visio MVP and Director at visualSignals ltd Company: http://visualsignals.co.uk Blog: http://visualsignals.typepad.co.uk/ bio from Twitter

Matt Galloway

iOS developer, zeeboxer, Dad, author of Effective Objective-C 2.0 bio from Twitter

Peter Hartman

Agile Product Owner for Text and Localization at Accenture UK

Hari Karam Singh

Founder of Club 15CC and creator of the http://soundwandapp.com. Also a habitual yoga doer, meditator, musician, and purveyor of fine digital things. bio from Twitter

Richard Buckle

iOS/Mac developer and card-carrying geek. Loves cats and dogs. Doesn't mince his words. bio from Twitter

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Danny Greg

GitHubber (#55). Guitar. Cricket. Tennis. Southampton FC. I swear like Debra Morgan. bio from Twitter

Abdel A Saleh

Code reader and drinker of https://medium.com/@bestbrews. Join my coffee digs @ http://tinyletter.com/homebarista bio from Twitter

Francesco Freezone

iOS and OS X software developer based in London UK

Christian Klotz

Creating Mac and iOS software – Maker of @annotationsapp bio from Twitter

Paul Ardeleanu

iOS & Web developer

Stephen Darlington

Started coding on a Sinclair Spectrum in 1985. Thinking about upgrading soon. I write about iOS, Big Data and technology. Also tweeting at @wandlesoftware. bio from Twitter

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Abizer Nasir

Hi! I write OS X / iOS software. I use Xcode, Emacs, Git and Terminal. I like nice pens and paper, fixed wheels, and guitars. Too old to be a hipster.

Pete Callaway

Freelance iOS developer bio from Twitter

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Daniel Tull

Freelance Cocoa developer who is trying to make like an indie with @issuesbug. bio from Twitter

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