London iOS Developer Group 37 attendee directory


Thinker. Tinkerer.

Paul Ardeleanu

iPhone & iPad developer, devotee of UX, GTD and acronyms

Leon Gauhman

co-founder bio from Twitter

Ivan Andriollo

CEO & lead developer @ Tantrum Solutions / software engineer / App developer - iOS, OSX and more bio from Twitter

Daniel Thorpe

A creator of connected, location aware mobile apps. Among other projects, I'm the iOS tech lead at @Badoo. bio from Twitter

Andy Smith

Lord High Admiral of Mr. Smith's Marvellous Mechanical Old Fashioned Software Emporium bio from Twitter

Richard George

Code it, hike it, run it, climb it, paddle it, sail it. PHP contract developer, author of an Enigma simulator: bio from Twitter

Pedro Gomes

iOS and Mac Developer. bio from Twitter

Matias Piipari

CTO of Papers @ Springer Business + Media, coauthor of @papersapp, EA Mobile @drawjumpapp, computational biologist, electronic music geek, Open Access advocate.

James Gill

Founder + CEO + Designer of @GoSquared bio from Twitter

Pieter Omvlee

Founder of Bohemian Coding, developer of Fontcase and Sketch. Regular listener to classical music and reasonably competent pianist. bio from Twitter

Demian Turner

A Canadian Londoner, entrepreneur, programmer, Cocoa devotee, language enthusiast. Co-founder of Doris and Kindo.

Neil Kimmett

iOS developer at M&S Labs. bio from Twitter

Portable Pixels

Creators of Hatchi. Occasionally relapse and develop apps for clients. bio from Twitter

John Goldsmith

Microsoft Visio MVP and Director at visualSignals ltd Company: Blog: bio from Twitter

Matt Galloway

iOS developer, zeeboxer, Dad, author of Effective Objective-C 2.0 bio from Twitter

Peter Hartman

Agile Product Owner for Text and Localization at Accenture UK

Hari Karam Singh

Founder of Club 15CC and creator of the Also a habitual yoga doer, meditator, musician, and purveyor of fine digital things. bio from Twitter

Richard Buckle

iPad/iPhone/Mac developer and card-carrying geek. Loves cats and dogs. Doesn't mince his words. bio from Twitter

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Danny Greg

GitHubber (#55). Guitar. Cricket. Tennis. Southampton FC. I swear like Debra Morgan. bio from Twitter

Abdel A Saleh

While here, make good memories. I also love mobile/backend hacking & drinking Aeropresses! bio from Twitter

Francesco Freezone

iOS and OS X software developer based in London UK

Christian Klotz

Creating Mac and iOS software – Maker of @annotationsapp bio from Twitter

Stephen Darlington

Started coding on a Sinclair Spectrum in 1985. Thinking about upgrading soon. I write about iOS, Big Data and technology. Also tweeting at @wandlesoftware. bio from Twitter

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Abizer Nasir

Hi! I write OS X / iOS software. I use Xcode, Emacs, Git and Terminal. I like nice pens and paper, fixed wheels, and guitars. Too old to be a hipster.

Pete Callaway

Freelance iOS developer bio from Twitter

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Daniel Tull

Coder, designer, photographer and candidate for Time person of the year * bio from Twitter

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