Sessions at Lift12 about Requirements on Friday 24th February

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  • Workshop: Story writing and how to write requirements for the Web

    by Jonas Vonlanthen

    This workshop will have the following purposes:
    - Show the participants an alternate way to define requirements (User Stories instead of Specs document)
    - Give them an insight into agile methodologies
    - Introduce the participants to the importance of requirement's priorization
    - Show them how cool and easy it is to build a web product when applying agile! ;)

    To achieve these goals, the session will be organized in different steps :
    - Introduction to web product development
    - Let's build a product : Lift Mobile Website
    -- Target group definition
    -- User Story writing in teams
    -- Merging user stories
    -- Assign business values to the User Stories
    -- Assign complexity values (Story Points) to the User Stories
    - Priorization of the Product Backlog

    What we want do together is then:
    - A prioritized product backlog using a concrete example (= agile specifications)
    - Live agile methods by doing it on a concrete product about something that the attendees love (Lift)
    - Have fun!

    At 9:00am to 11:00am, Friday 24th February

    Coverage slide deck