Sessions at Lift12 about Workshop and iPad and Urbanism on Thursday 23rd February

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  • Workshop: Book urbanism 2: visualizing social activities as cities

    by Laurent Bolli and Frederic Kaplan

    During last year successful workshop. we explored how books could be thought, represented and browsed as cities. We continued working on this concept/metaphor during the year and are about to launch a new iPad application based on this idea. In this app, books are modelized as cities, more or less developed depending on social contributions by readers.
    This year we want to push this idea one step further.

    In the first part of the workshop we will present and discuss the creation process that has lead to this iPad application.

    In the second part we will criticize this first production and explore in small groups how the metaphor can be pushed on step further by developing signage usage, dedicated neighbourhoods, urban services (guides, tours, etc.) and other urbanistic concepts that can have their relevance in the world of books.

    This workshop targets all actors of the book industry ecosystem - authors, publishers, distributor, vendors - and also designers, curators, typographer, library manager or pedagogic material developers, interested in looking for new approaches to technology driven visions in the effervescent book industry.

    This workshop will be held by Frédéric Kaplan and Laurent Bolli, from bookapp.com

    At 2:00pm to 3:15pm, Thursday 23rd February