Sessions at Lift12 about Workshop and Social Media on Friday 24th February

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  • Workshop: #ITSMYWORLD: mobilizing citizens through social media

    by Fernando Luege and Eva Sander

    Remember Egypt? How about the OCCUPY movement? Haiti Earthquake? Social media has been there, not only as a detonator of specific actions, but as a main character in stories that unravel throughout the world.

    Now imagine having the tools to better understand where the conversations are going and who the real leaders are.

    Our workshop deals with turning talk into action, with proven techniques to mobilize citizens around a common cause, based on actual experiences (lobbying, breast cancer crusade, humanitarian hurricane relief, calls to action). An overview of these projects was presented at Tech@State Citizenship 2.0 Conference hosted by World Bank and the State Department (US) and at TechCamp (Personal Democracy Forum in Chile). Now we incorporate the use of KPIs to further develop strategies to enhance civic participation.

    This is a hands-on activity where participants can interact with Ondore7, measuring sentiment in digital conversations, regarding specific topics and identifying key opinion leaders and influencers.

    Participants will have a better understanding on how to detonate conversations that lead to specific actions.

    Who are we?

    Fernando Luege CEO, Ondore: http://mx.linkedin.com/in/luege
    One of Mexico's top tech entrepreneurs. Developed Ondore7, a platform that allows for digital reputation management through artificial intelligence and data mining.

    Eva Sander Chief Strategist, Ondore: http://mx.linkedin.com/in/evasander
    User experience and crossmedia communications strategist, enhancing civic participation to create a better world

    At 9:00am to 11:00am, Friday 24th February