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Thursday 23rd February 2012

  • Workshop: The rise of the sharing economy

    by Cedric Giorgi

    Call it collaborative consumption, Peer to Peer platforms or sharing economy the idea behind these terms is always the same: the way we consume is changing. After having changed how we share information, how we collaborate or how we connect online between people, the social web is changing how we connect offline.
    Collaborative consumptions models are not really new, actually they are quite old, but Internet, Mobile and Social platforms can be used as platforms to go back to these models. Big names such as Airbnb allowing you to rent people places, Comuto or Buzcar for car-sharing, Vayable to have experiences made by local people, Taskrabbit or Zaarly to get something done by someone else etc. The list of such services is already long and keeps growing http://www.collaborativeconsumpt....

    This workshop has two main objectives:
    - let you discover the wonderful world of sharing economy, the different services and how you can change the way you consume using these new platforms
    - identify new opportunities for new services, or industries that will or could be changed by new models.

    About me => http://www.linkedin.com/in/cgiorgi
    I'm an entrepreneur working on a new collaborative consumption platform. Previously Marketing Director at Goojet/Scoop.it and Director Europe at Seesmic, I am blogging since 2005 about new web and marketing trends (Techcrunch France co-editor during 1.5 years) and a regular conference speaker, moderator or organizer (part of LeWeb organization team). I'm also a teacher at different schools in France.

    At 11:00am to 12:15pm, Thursday 23rd February