Lightning IO attendee directory

Jesper Richter-Reichhelm

Head of Engineering at Wooga

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Tim Lossen

"Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency ..... and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope."

Marta Paciorkowska

Think: feminism, baking, veganism, coding, activism, poetry and sass. Currently into: @railsgirls_waw bio from Twitter


Engineer at @wooga bio from Twitter

Tomasz Stachewicz

I was a nerd before it became cool. bio from Twitter

Tomasz Milczarek

Java/Ruby Developer. At work trying to follow agile/software craftsmanship practices. bio from Twitter


Gimme a computer and run out bio from Twitter

Filip Tepper

Ruby developer at @taptera. bio from Twitter

Patrick Huesler

Internet enthusiast, programmer and mac lover. Current working as an engineer for http://wooga.com bio from Twitter

Alex Coles

Rubyista comprometido Talk Ruby, Web, #ukpolitics and world affairs, and random stuff. bio from Twitter


DevOp, DevOp by nature, reading, music, CEO of Twitter bio from Twitter

Paweł Ledwoń

Programmer at Pusher, racing driver (@pl_racing) bio from Twitter


Madrid, Berlin. SoundCloud

Mariusz Gil

Owner at @SrcMinistry. Software architect, trainer, conference speaker. bio from Twitter

Garret Alfert

Developer, Ruby / Rails enthusiast, web citizen and cofounder of http://5apps.com bio from Twitter

Grzegorz Witek

I love to see and hear people passionate about what they do. Life is awesome. bio from Twitter

Râu Cao

Developer, hacker, entrepreneur, nomad, caveman, cosmopolite, cinephile, reader, pirate. Proud wearer of freckles. Rebel Coder-in-Chief at @5apps.

Paweł Pacana

Ruby hacker, Linux geek, Open Source supporter. bio from Twitter

Piotr Zolnierek

Passionate about Ruby, Zen, Acceptance Testing, Monads, Statistics, working software agile...

This person is involved with this event.
Dawid Woźniak

UX & front-end. Doing my best at @netguru . I love good coffee, meeting new people, Tarantino movies and minimalist design. And I laugh a lot. bio from Twitter

This person is involved with this event.
Wiktor Schmidt

CEO at @netguru bio from Twitter

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