Sessions at linux.conf.au 2012 about BrowserID on Monday 16th January

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  • BrowserID: Distributed Identity in the Browser

    by François Marier

    Identity on the web is a complete mess. While there have been a few attempts (like OpenID) at solving this global problem, most sites out there either ask you to remember a unique username/password combination or choose to entrust a popular third party (such as Facebook or Twitter) with the task of holding user records for them. This sucks.

    BrowserID is the open source solution we have been waiting for: a new web login mechanism with strong privacy protection where your browser is the trusted intermediary. Backed by Mozilla, it is based on the simple idea of a user proving that they own an email address, with a generous sprinkling of crypto under the hood. What makes this solution different is that it is designed to be simple (both for users and developers), distributed and privacy-protecting.

    This talk will answer three questions:

    • What problem does BrowserID solve?
    • How does it work from the point of view of a user?
    • How do I support it in my web application?

    More information can be found at https://browserid.org and you can try it out for real at http://myfavoritebeer.org or https://www.libravatar.org .

    At 2:00pm to 2:20pm, Monday 16th January

    Coverage slide deck