Sessions at linux.conf.au 2012 about DNS on Tuesday 17th January

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  • IPv6 Dynamic Reverse Mapping - the magic, misery and mayhem

    by Robert Mibus

    We all want IPv6, because the sky is falling, and many of us have gone back to the future and are trialling IPv6 already. This is a good thing. But many of us want our NodePonies too - we want those v6 addresses reverse mapped. There's no way your ISP is going to handle all those reverse mappings manually like they did for v4 - there's around 2^72 entries per customer! What do you use to solve your problem - use pymds!

    This presentation is a real-world case study of how a successful Australian ISP - Internode - took a simple open-source DNS server and made it part of their production DNS environment. As we fall down the rabbit hole we'll discuss:

    • Why people want all IPv6 addresses to have reverse mappings
    • Solutions that were ruled out (eg. BIND's "GENERATE" macro)
    • Why pymds was picked (ie., rapid prototyping is better than weeks of effort).
    • Naming/formatting options we went through for what the reverses should look like
    • Options for integrating it into our main DNS zones.
    • How can we easily override the automatic generation, without complicating the codebase.
    • Pitfalls we expect to see
    • Future evolution possibilities, competing projects

    At 2:20pm to 3:10pm, Tuesday 17th January

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