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Wednesday 18th January 2012

  • OGPC - One Geek Per Classroom

    by Thomas Sprinkmeier

    The thrilling adventures of a geek volunteering at his kids' schools to promote geek-dom.

    For the last 3 terms I've been running a weekly session in all things geek, from Guido van Robot programming to Lego Mindstorm, circuit-glue to cyber-safety, rocketry to metallurgy.

    My motivation is to inspire curiosity, the burning desire to know how things work (and how to make them work better), in short: geek-dom.

    My talk is about how to do this in a minimal budget using not much more than remastered Linux DVDs, salt and LEDs.

    The title is my challenge to the community: find yourself a classroom and spread the word!

    At 10:30am to 11:20am, Wednesday 18th January

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