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  • This Old Code, or Renovating Dusty Old Open Source For Fun and Profit

    by Greg Banks

    Software is a human construct and like everything we make it
    eventually falls into disrepair. Houses get mould, vermin
    infestations, and frightening old wiring. Software projects get
    equivalents of these, albeit a few decades faster.

    This talk is about the experience of doing a major renovation on
    a software relic: the Cyrus IMAP server. Fastmail (now Opera
    Software Australia) has been using Cyrus commercially to provide
    an IMAP interface to an email store for years now, and over the
    last year has significantly contributed to a resurgent effort to
    modernise the code and rejuvenate the community. The author
    works fulltime on this project and has both observed and

    Topics will include: introducing modern software engineering
    practices like Continuous Integration, making testing happen,
    attracting a developer community, a practical guide on how to
    find and fix outdated coding practices (a.k.a. bugs waiting to
    happen), and an introduction to paleoentomology. All
    illustrated with real world examples.

    If your organisation depends on ancient software in need of
    revitalising, or if you're just looking for some spare time Open
    Source work to keep your hand in, come to this talk and get some
    practical tips and a laugh or two.

    At 1:20pm to 2:10pm, Tuesday 17th January