London IA April 2012 schedule


  • Talking about talking about design

    by Nick Marsh

    In this talk Nick will talk about something that doesn't get talked about very much - the role of talking and conversation in designing things.

    In design education sketching and drawing get a lot of attention, and in the commercial studio deliverables and presentations are still king. But the reality of designing complex interactive products is that they require collaboration with others - and most of this collaboration happens through conversation and talking, so its important that we get good at it.

    He is going to explore some existing methods and tools from other practices for analysing and understanding talking styles, in particular the study of rhetoric, and then propose a taxonomy of talking as designing.

    This is the first time he has done this presentation, so he's hoping for lots of feedback and questions.

  • The neuroscience of design

    by Joe Leech

    Understanding how the brain work will make you a better designer.

    Joe Leech will talk through how we perceive and think and how designers can tap into cognition and perception theory to make their stuff more effective.

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