Content Strategy for the UK Government (plus special guest Kristina Halvorson) schedule

Thursday 19th April 2012


  • Content Strategy for the gov.uk Beta Project

    by Sarah Richards

    Sarah is Editorial lead for the government beta site http://gov.uk. In this presentation she’ll talk about the role of content strategy in the beta, covering editorial strategy, process flow, analytics, content design, and usabilty.

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  • Designing Tools and Transactions for gov.uk

    by Paul Annett

    Paul is a web and UX Designer, and is currently Creative Lead for the Government Digital Service. In this presentation he’ll explain the approach the team uses to redesign interactions between citizens and the government—from working out your maternity pay entitlement to applying for a passport. Paul will explain how user experience and content strategy can work together in a huge, complex project.

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  • From Tired to Wired: What I’ve Learned (So Far) from gov.uk

    by Graham Francis

    Graham is a content strategist, and currently manages the DirectGov website. In this presentation he’ll talk about the government beta site http://gov.uk, including the way the team changed publishing processes, used analytics & evaluation, and collaborated using operational models like agile and multidisciplinary teams.

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