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Arran Ross-Paterson

Organiser of Event Handler. Make things on the internet & small screen. I have a passion for semantic pies and accessible cocktails.

Micheil Smith

Aussie living and working in London, I create things. Always up for coffee. bio from Twitter

Lee Cook

Lead geek at Aqueduct. .Net and objective c are my languages of choice atm. Sitecore and beer are my poison. bio from Twitter


CTO @mintdigital loves a run on occasion bio from Twitter

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Tom Quick

Founder @smeshup; Tech Director @pokelondon. Social data & digital behaviour geek. Ex philosopher/goth & comp sci academic. Rather tall. Bit of a muso. bio from Twitter

Peter Westendorp

Front-end developer at Mint Digital London

Andy Appleton

Writes JavaScript and Ruby at @heroku, makes bio from Twitter

Ben Gillies

Programmer, climber, web enthusiast bio from Twitter

Artur Kisiolek

He's not a designer, nor a developer. A bloke who likes web stuff. bio from Twitter

Mairead Buchan

London based Web developer, designer and all round swell gal. bio from Twitter

Josh Holloway

ideas guy / sense checker / silverstripe evangelist / geek / business dude. MD at Better Brief. bio from Twitter

Andrew Walker

Developer at @madebymany and organiser of @frontendlondon. bio from Twitter

This person is involved with this event.
Poke London

We're a creative company with digital in its heart. bio from Twitter

Sven Lito

JavaScript Developer and passionate Rock Climber. Proud team member of @hoodiehq and @bower. bio from Twitter


A dream to some, a nightmare to others. bio from Twitter

John Hamelink

Web developer. Imagineer. Blogger. Starter-upper. Postdesker. Lancer of freedom. Padwan. Wildling.

Patrick Hamann

Client-side developer at The Guardian

Alex Graul

Data visualisation & interactive storytelling @ Interactive Team. All opinions my own. Expect otters.

Chris Wilson

Aptivate’s Chief Engineer, responsible for implementing the company’s technology strategy. Bandwidth management, firewalls, network security, Linux, open source bio from Twitter

Hannah Wolfe

Ghost CTO & co-founder, former MOO Crew, polyglot developer, lover of JavaScript & Open Source bio from Twitter

Dmitri Grabov ♠

Likes gin and sensible naming conventions. bio from Twitter

Keith Rogers

Hello hi, I'm a freelance front-end developer based in London. Main interests are: Internetty things, words, learning, smiles. (Previously @misterkeg) bio from Twitter

James Broad

passionate about frontend tech, design and business. Working at @moo. early adopter of #WebComponents bio from Twitter

Nick Dunn

Autodidact but not autistic. Head of Frontend Engineering @wearefriday. bio from Twitter

Pete O'Grady

Senior developer at @Huddle, Apple fan, Vim user, and loves a bit of football. bio from Twitter


Ian Hart is a Web Developer based in London. bio from Twitter

Shaun Dunne

From the nothingness comes somethingness... bio from Twitter

Tomasz Jureczko

contractor developer, JavaScript bio from Twitter

Irene Ros

Data Visualization Practice Lead at Bocoup. I work on @themisoproject and @openvisconf. I make things. iros on github.

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