London Ruby User Group February 2012 attendee directory

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Matthew Ford

Director of @BitZesty - a software development company specialising in complex and dynamic web applications.

Sam Phillips

Head of Engineering at @boohoo, teammate of @katysaidwhat. Coder, cook, pianist, chorister and story teller. bio from Twitter


CTO @alliants. Director @secemp. --- Technology, strategy, user & customer experience, menswear and a lot of cocktails. All views are plagiarised.

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Jairo Diaz

Ruby on Rails Developer and Founder of Codescrum

Pаul Bаttley

All opinions not my own, probably wrong.

Anthony Green

Tilting at windmills from a high horse...and falling off bio from Twitter

Gavin Heavyside

Coder. Engineer. Yak Shaver. bio from Twitter

David Batey

Rails, Linux, jQuery, Linux and general Master of the Universe bio from Twitter

Martyn Loughran

Red Brompton pedalling East London cafe frequenter – tech thinker, aesthetic programmer, aspiring maker, & former purveyor of fine messaging products. bio from Twitter

Paweł Ledwoń

Programmer at Pusher, racing driver (@pl_racing) bio from Twitter

Abdel A Saleh

Code reader and drinker of https://medium.com/@bestbrews. Join my coffee digs @ http://tinyletter.com/homebarista bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Roland Swingler

Ruby developer working and living in london bio from Twitter

Rob Young

Developer of things for for the web. bio from Twitter


sweary crime fighter! bio from Twitter

Namit Chadha

Product Designer at @facebook. bio from Twitter

Andrew France

Friendly web developer and Ruby on Rails expert, likes travelling, running, and watches a lot of films.

Jon Gilbraith

Ruby dude, currently with Money Advice Service. Wizard behind the curtain at @hackerjobsuk. bio from Twitter

Tim Cowlishaw

Leftist Heap. bio from Twitter

Rob Young

Software Developer, Amateur Photographer bio from Twitter

John Plummer

DotNet and Rails developer, CTO of rocketsports.co.uk. Living in London but surrounded by French girls. C'est la vie. bio from Twitter

Tom Stuart

The wind of nothingness blasts, unhindered, from every talk.

Jason Lee

REMAINER. British/Australian developer and entrepreneur based in London, UK. Founder of @rotaville & @big_first_name bio from Twitter

Tony Daly

Creative Product Developer. Ex ICT teacher. Interested in technology and education. Also I'm secretly Batman.

Andrew Nesbitt

Freelance Developer, Open Sourcerer and Rabbit Keeper

Michael Mahemoff

Choose Web! Maker, Writer, Former Developer Advocate at Google. http://mahemoff.com. #UX #DevExp #HTML5 #Chrome #Agile #Psych

Darren Oakley

When I grow up I want to be a brewer... For now I'll settle for being a geek... bio from Twitter

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