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Marcus Tucker

Senior User Experience Architect at and photographer. Views expressed here are my own, not my employer's. bio from Twitter

Riccardo Erra

Digital Designer/Front-End Developer @Beyond (

laura moreno

mother, web design, photography, learn, teach, life, a smile, the sun.

James Weiner

Designing @poetica. Co-founder of @fermentzine.

Amber Weinberg

WordPress & Mobile web developer. In love with Responsive Design & Typograpy. A knitter, crafter, reader, British historian, interior designer. I love making.

Laura Hampson

Irish living in SE LDN, front end dev @detoxldn, developing the wild wild web, drinking all the cans bio from Twitter

David Watson

Teaches at University of Greenwich, knows about web stuff, landscape architecture stuff and photography. Husband, father, son, brother and stamp collector. bio from Twitter

Joe Corcoran

Ruby/JavaScript/OMG/WTF developer at @tribesports.

John Stewart

Currently user experience guru responsible for projects from design through to development. bio from Twitter

Alex Russell

Bringing the web platform into the late-90's, one spec at a time.


Digital Ninja. Lover of tech. Caffeine addict. bio from Twitter

Sam Lester

Interface designer, developer and director at @InktrapDesign. Sandwich enthusiast. Occasional cyclist. bio from Twitter

Lisa Drake

Senior User Experience Designer at @ormlondon. Collector of screenshots and microcopy fan. Generous with sandwich fillings. bio from Twitter

Chris Waring

Product designer/developer for sound and social tech. Founder of @wwavesco, co-organiser of @meteorlondon.

Tom Bamford

strategic code monkey, Drupal enthusiast, themer, Frontend perfectionist. Half the brain behind @opencodeHQ bio from Twitter

Phil Nash

Twilio developer evangelist, web developer, rugby player, beer drinker. I know enough HTML to be dangerous.

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☯Evil Jim O'Donnell

Professional cynic but my heart's not in it. Web developer for the Zooniverse (@the_zooniverse), @webstandards organiser, @AmnestyUK activist. bio from Twitter

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Rupert Bowater

Ancient geek (on my father's side). Into data vis & visual thinking, e-consultation, service design, black tea and warm beer. Co-organiser @webstandards bio from Twitter

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Jason Grant

Product, service & UX designer, conference speaker, lean start-up & UX mentor, dad, innovator, musician, CEO, business consultant & cyclist. @awardio founder. bio from Twitter

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Nick Smith

I work for @GDSteam, originally on @GOVUK, now on service manual. I also help organise @webstandards. Work and (increasingly) personal topics here bio from Twitter

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Dave Letorey

Music fan, Organiser of @webstandards & Head of … at bio from Twitter

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Morena Fiore

Web Developer and @webstandards and @wechangedit co-organiser bio from Twitter

Nick Dunn

Autodidact but not autistic. Technical Director @wearefriday. bio from Twitter

Andrew Nesbitt

Freelance Developer, Open Sourcerer and Rabbit Keeper

Alexander Baxevanis

User Experience Designer & Creative Generalist @Webcredible. Cyclist, Photographer, Husband of @aniamendrek & Flâneur. Creator of @cyclehireapp. Callsign:2E0IXD bio from Twitter

Andrew Hayward

General busy-body at Etsy.

Mark Wubben

Thinker/builder based in London, with a bit of Dutch via Copenhagen. Making @state happen. bio from Twitter

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