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John Catterfeld

Engineering manager @OpenTable and @OpenTableTechUK.

Marcus Tucker

Senior User Experience Architect at http://thegrandunion.com and photographer. Views expressed here are my own, not my employer's. bio from Twitter

laura moreno

mother, web design, photography, learn, teach, life, a smile, the sun.

James Weiner

Designing @poetica. Co-founder of @fermentzine.

Laura Hampson

Irish living in SE LDN, front end dev @detoxldn, developing the wild wild web, drinking all the cans bio from Twitter

David Watson

Work = Educator. Knows about web stuff, landscape architecture stuff and photography. Home = Family. Walking the Wainwrights and philately. bio from Twitter

Joe Corcoran

Ruby/JavaScript/OMG/WTF developer at @tribesports.

John Stewart

Currently user experience guru responsible for projects from design through to development. bio from Twitter

Alex Russell

Bringing the web platform into the late-90's, one spec at a time.

Amber Weinberg

Freelance WordPress & Front-End Web Developer. Travels for history. Reads for pleasure. Knits for sanity.


Digital Ninja. Lover of tech. Caffeine addict. bio from Twitter

Sam Lester

Interface designer, developer and director at @InktrapDesign. Sandwich enthusiast. Occasional cyclist. bio from Twitter

Lisa Drake

Senior User Experience Designer at @ormlondon. Collector of screenshots and microcopy fan. Generous with sandwich fillings. bio from Twitter

Chris Waring

Product designer/developer for sound and social tech. Founder of @wwavesco, co-organiser of @meteorlondon.

Tom Bamford

strategic code monkey, Drupal enthusiast, themer, Frontend perfectionist. Half the brain behind @opencodeHQ bio from Twitter

Phil Nash

Developer evangelist for Twilio and Google Developer Expert. I write JavaScript, Ruby and Swift. Probably listening to ska punk right now. console.log('🍻');

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☯Evil Jim O'Donnell

Professional cynic but my heart's not in it. Web developer for the Zooniverse (@the_zooniverse), @webstandards organiser, @AmnestyUK activist. bio from Twitter

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Rupert Bowater

Ancient geek (on my father's side). Into data vis & visual thinking, e-consultation, service design, black tea and warm beer. Co-organiser @webstandards bio from Twitter

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Jason Grant

Product, service & UX designer, conference speaker, lean start-up & UX mentor, dad, innovator, musician, CEO, business consultant & cyclist. @awardio founder. bio from Twitter

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Nick Smith

I work at @GDSteam. Stuff like @GOVUK, Service Manual, agile buildings, data scientists. @webstandards supporter. Lots of topics nick@nicksmith.co.uk bio from Twitter

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Dave Letorey

Music fan, Organiser of @webstandards & Head of Change at http://www.squiz.net bio from Twitter

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Morena Fiore

Web Developer, jewellery maker @my_kodes, foodie and @webstandards co-organiser http://kodesaccessories.etsy.com bio from Twitter

Nick Dunn

Jockey of bolted horses. Fake news. Technical Director @wearefriday. #perf #a11y #cms bio from Twitter

Andrew Nesbitt

Freelance Developer, Open Sourcerer and Rabbit Keeper

Alexander Baxevanis

Experience Director & Creative Generalist @Webcredible. Cyclist, Photographer, Husband of @aniamendrek & Flâneur. Creator of @cyclehireapp. Callsign:2E0IXD bio from Twitter

Andrew Hayward

General busy-body at Etsy.

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