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Scott Evans

#WordPress #Designer and Engineer @WordPressVIP / @automattic. You may also find me on my #bike, eating #pudding and tinkering with #electronics. bio from Twitter

Arran Ross-Paterson

Organiser of Event Handler. Make things on the internet & small screen. I have a passion for semantic pies and accessible cocktails.

Dan Benton

Director of @DogsbodyTech, Owner of @DogsbodyHosting, Organiser of the @CamberleyJelly, Creator of the @Cskate website, Marshal of the @LondonSkate

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Emma Jane O'Sullivan

I make digital things and organise stuff. Sometimes write about video games for @whatculture. Involved with @dollsfilm, @buildbrighton, @cogapp, @MakerFaireBTN bio from Twitter

James Greenaway

Designing since IE7

Jay Alvarez

Lead web designer and UX bod at Aptivate. Maker of things. Brighton based

Jo Offer

Illustration, graphic design and inclusive arts bio from Twitter

Russ Garrett

Infrastructure & tech operations geek; @londonhackspace and @emfcamp co-founder; aspiring space historian (@spacelog); beer fan & brewer; photographer.

Penny Schenk

Decide what to be and go be it. - The Avett Brothers bio from Twitter

Adele Pennington

self confessed nerd and sock character/chess fanatic and jewellery making random! bio from Twitter

Dominic Mitchell

Hacker-at-large. Occasional Brightonian. Googler. bio from Twitter

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Science Museum

Welcome to the Science Museum account! We tweet exhibitions, what we're working on & the latest science news. Look for #smnews from our news team, Antenna bio from Twitter

Daniel Would

This is the public face of @danielwould, here I post about things I've made or am making, challenges faced and overcome. bio from Twitter

Suzi Wells

Mathematician turned web geek turned mum. Working in education technology. Also interested in psychology, education, law, politics, philosophy and stuff.

Martin Stewart

Vegetarian Internet Applications Specialist into photography and Science Fiction bio from Twitter

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Donna Comerford

Educational ICT Consultant & Trainer, passion for learning & enabling young people to share the excitement of Technology. Huge SciFi fan, minor standup talent. bio from Twitter


The Creative Dept Store is different its a place where you go to make products, be creative, and meet bio from Twitter

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Making future-smashing toys and games for people who like to make too.

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Genevieve Smith-Nunes aka Pegleggen

Computing Teacher. Into techie geek stuff. love learning new things...Wife of @uniquevalue CAS Hub leader Sussex. Very poor at updating my blog

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A nationwide, after-school, coding club for children aged 10-11. @hyper_linda and @ClareSutcliffe at the helm bio from Twitter

Benjamin Parry

Father. Front-end Web Developer. Nature lover. Comic and Sci-Fi reader.

Barnaby Walters

Musical instrument maker/web designer. Actual identity @ waterpigs.co.uk

Chris Gathercole

I'm Innovation Architect at the Financial Times Ltd. http://uk.linkedin.com/in/chrisgathercole http://railsagainstignorance.wordpress.com/ bio from Twitter

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Rowan Stanfield

I'll most likely be singing at you, pointing a camera in your face or concocting a splendid trifle. Mrs @meeware / Team @MakerFaireBTN / geek roadie bio from Twitter

Giulia Alfonsi

Front-end dev in Brighton. Addicted to html, css, javascript, my macbookpro, rock, pizza, thai food, american tv shows. And the sea: that's why I moved here.


Illustrator. Lover of the Jolly Green Cafe. Obsessed with LED lights. Love bass music. Fiddling with speakers amps electronics and stuff. Beach appreciator. bio from Twitter

Mike Beardmore

Enthusiastic techie, Hackspacer, 3D Printer, and more @MikeTheBee on Twitter.

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