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Milos Dakic

code fucker, mostly. bio from Twitter

Tommy Williams

Web and mobile software engineer. Cordova committer and unpaid evangelist. Currently at SpiderOak - http://www.spideroak.com

Hung-Su Nguyen

Dance = overflowing happiness xD Oh, and I'm a web UI dev/designer with a penchant for Tekken, book clubs, biphasic sleep, and my girly =) bio from Twitter

Sarah S.

Graphic design, Arduinos, user experience, programming, Wacom cintiq, road bikes. These are just a few things I love, but I wear a UX hat *most* of the time. bio from Twitter

Paul Boonyarungsrit

I write software. bio from Twitter

James Ottaway

ThoughtWorker. Software Developer. Consultant. Rubyist. Lean. Chef. Fantasy Reader. Photographer. Guy. Whatever. bio from Twitter

James Myers

Web developer, Electronic musician and all round nice guy. bio from Twitter

Dave Whyte

Insert pithiness here bio from Twitter

Gavin Osborn

Software Developer working with Microsoft technologies. When I'm not being a geek I love good food, wine, running, snowboarding and the gym. bio from Twitter

Byron Salau

UI Developer @reactivemedia Melbourne. I like to tweet about the fast paced industry I find myself in. bio from Twitter

Leni Mayo

software engineer, entrepreneur @ 99designs, flippa, Learnable, SitePoint etc bio from Twitter

Ivan Vanderbyl

Co-founder @flood_io, a remote-first performance engineering company. #digitalnomad bio from Twitter


web developer. body modder. raver. gamer. craft beer.

Ben Smithett

Built a bunch of stuff on the internet. Currently sending @giveweeklyclub and living out of a backpack. bio from Twitter

Paul Annesley

Motorcycles, ruby, 6502 ASM, go, circuits, climbing, eating. bio from Twitter

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