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Tom Hume

Product Manager at Google bio from LinkedIn

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Sam Collins

Product nerd. Coffee lover. bio from Twitter

Anna Barker

Head of Product at TMDR by day, Wine Consultant by night, oh and I do a bit of cycling too...


Product/strategy/design type person. Pronouns: she/her bio from Twitter

Tobias Janiesch

Director Product Management @ Groupon - passionate about start-ups, economics, business and IT bio from Twitter

Matt Moran

Intrapreneur at Tangent Plc working on Oscar - a Django ecommerce framework. bio from Twitter

Abdelaziz Musa

Marketing bod, 6'4, long arms, LFC fan, F1 fanatic, part time MBA student and all round normal chap (except for the long arms). bio from Twitter

Alexey Zakhlestin

one-man revolution. CTO at grids.by/you startup

David Bowen

Works in the internet... I'm the e-commerce Product Manager at EPiServer. These are my personal thoughts. bio from Twitter

Rachel Evatt

Co-Founded Zoombu, now Product Director @ Skyscanner. Otherwise cycling geek, triathlete and lover of life. bio from Twitter

Robin Zaragoza

Senior Product Manager, eBay Retail Promotions. Professional cattle class passenger btwn London & Boston. Love fitness, travel, veganism & wine! bio from Twitter

Matthew Hawn

Product development & strategy for digital media companies. Former journalist, music and technology junkie and unrepentant pyromaniac. Married to @mollykh

Alan Marsh

Product and Marketing Director at BCSG


Product manager at Brandwatch. Writer. I also like Football, Games, FIlms and Music :) bio from Twitter

Jason Brown

Father, cyclist, student of linguistics, Android user for now, would-be film-maker, soon-to-be Makerbot owner, fan of Richard Long, sleeping, the moon & yoga

Jock Busuttil

Product manager, writer, cook, musician. My surname tends to come up as 'Bushtit' in spell-checkers. http://linkedin.com/in/jbusuttil bio from Twitter

Graeme Goulden

Digital product manager and founder of WAcreative. Currently camped in Manchester and working for Monster. Views are my own. bio from Twitter

Hilde Frydnes

Norwegian-Irish from Bergen and Dublin, now exploring life and literature, online and outdoors in Edinburgh bio from Twitter

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Marty Cagan

Managing Partner, SVPG

Jo Harris

Product Manager @Skimlinks. I'm a duck. I am a false-prophet. God is a superstition. I have no need for a duck. bio from Twitter

Robin Whyte

European Director of Product Development for eBay

Adrian Thomas

Product manager @equinux where we make apps & gadgets for Macs, iPhones and iPads. Brit in Munich who enjoys photography & cycling.

Danielle Downs

Product Owner with background in business analysis and product development in an Agile / Scrum environment bio from Twitter

Chris Kimber

Executive Product Manager, BBC Future Media, working on BBC iPlayer Radio

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Charles Adler

Co-founder & Creative Director, Kickstarter

James Pipe

Product Manager @Huddle, iPad, mobile and Sync bio from Twitter

Andy Pipes

Product manager for BBC Sport online and mountain music fan. Don't think that because I write it here, it's the BBC's view. bio from Twitter

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