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Oliver Byford

Developer with @gdsteam, dabbles in climbing, photography and technical theatre. bio from Twitter

Thomas Reeve

Web Designer/Front-End Dev, from the heart of England. Currently strutting my stuff for Creare

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Kate Kenyon

Content strategist, web communications therapist, bringer of content change, and enemy of shoddy CMS. Enjoys word games. bio from Twitter

David Hobbs

Designer, Cooker, Watcher, Reader, Networker and many more things ending in 'er' bio from Twitter

Oliver Waters

Co-founder of d3i, Co-creator and Creative Director at Momento.

mark oliver hawkins

Web and graphic designer, WordPress evangelist, lover of loud music

Jon Allen (JJ)

Jon Allen, aka JJ, Software Development Manager for @OpusVL, maintainer of http://perldoc.perl.org. See http://perl.jonallen.info for more! bio from Twitter

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A nationwide, after-school, coding club for children aged 10-11. @hyper_linda and @ClareSutcliffe at the helm bio from Twitter

Nick Morrott

Bad Puns as a Service bio from Twitter

Jamie Milnes

Web design, Graphic Design & Digital Media Specialist bio from Twitter

Ben Ward

Internet plumber. Founder of Love Hz

Westley Knight

Mobile UX Architect at Next, lover of front end web, writer of sorts, speaker of things, father and husband. Not necessarily in order of importance.

Al Power

Photographer and Web developer who likes good UI design, web standards and geekery. Used to run @uxoxford, now lives in Seaford, Sussex and works @twigkit on en

Andy Field

UXD @bromium. Attempting to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs

Nicole Araujo

Web developer at Konstructive bio from Twitter

Adam Onishi

Web developer and designer, who cares too much about accessibility and progressive enhancement. Works at @thedxw. Co-founder of @12Devs. Wrote a WordPress book!

Dan Blundell

Tech Lead, strategist and agitator at @lgssdigital. Currently working on Containers and DevSecOps #futureofwork and #responsiveorg. Making things that matter. bio from Twitter

Emily Heath

UX Architect and Content Strategy advocate working at the BBC in Salford. Acroyogi by night. Views expressed here are mine. bio from Twitter

Daniel Smith

Image and Web Designer in training, web standards compliant and lover of all things responsive. Photography and Astronomy nut as well. :) bio from Twitter

Prisca Schmarsow

webdesign - love it - do it - teach it bio from Twitter

David Watson

Work = Educator. Knows about web stuff, landscape architecture stuff and photography. Home = Family. Walking the Wainwrights and philately. bio from Twitter

Simon Whitaker

Engineering manager at Facebook

Luke Canvin

I'm a product manager and web developer, I write about what I learn at https://www.oxfordcc.co.uk/blog bio from Twitter

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Brendan Dawes

Designer, filler of rectangles. Arrived at the intersection of design and technology. Couldn't find a parking space. Went home. bio from Twitter

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James Parker

Web Designer / Frontend Developer / Writer. Likes good UI design, typography, and beer! bio from Twitter

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Jon Hicks

Gentleman designer, icon artist and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK. @theiconhandbook is now available! bio from Twitter

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David Hughes

Contrarian bio from Twitter

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Richard Wiggins

Husband, cyclist, web designer and founder of http://pixelcreation.co.uk and http://mkgeeknight.co.uk bio from Twitter

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