Sessions at Mobile World Congress 2012 on Monday 27th February

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  • Augmented Reality

    The Augmented Reality (AR) Forum at Mobile World Congress is where mobile AR will expand from a research prototype to a real world solution. Mobile AR brings together people on the move, the digital content on the Internet and the physical world. It leverages the high performance of our newest devices, speed of the latest network technologies and the need of people to tap into information while on the go.The AR Forum is a one-day, industry-led forum that will allow sponsors the opportunity to share practical experiences through case studies, offer insights on how different geographies are adopting AR, suggest where to get the latest tools and services, and make sure they are the first to be found when brands, enterprises and developers are looking for information on mobile AR.

    At 9:00am to 9:30am, Monday 27th February

    In App Planet (Hall 7), Auditorium A, Fira Montjuic

  • Augmented Reality Forum – Sponsored by Khronos Group

    Augmented Reality “AR” synchronizes digital data with the physical world in real time to enhance a user’s experience of their environment, and pushes the boundaries of vision and graphics processing, together with user interface, device and display design.

    Although AR’s ‘killer app’ hasn’t yet emerged, powerful technologies for merging sensor and vision processing with graphical augmentations will soon enable new generations of mobile applications to deliver unprecedented utility and immersiveness in many application domains.

    For silicon and system vendors, AR presents significant challenges and opportunities for differentiation. Not only do AR-capable mobile devices require real-time sensor, vision and graphics processing; this diverse processing must seamlessly interoperate at unprecedented levels of performance, otherwise AR applications will fail to engage users and will place heavy burdens on network operators’ infrastructure.

    At the AR Forum, the Khronos Group describes its open, cross-platform API standards that provide essential acceleration for graphics, vision and sensor processing, and interoperate to enable compelling AR-enabled user experiences, creating new opportunities in the mobile ecosystem.

    The AR Forum also features Khronos Member demonstrations highlighting AR-ready platforms based on Khronos APIs, and ends in a panel discussion.

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    At 9:30am to 12:30pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 7, Auditorium C, Fira Montjuic

  • Disaster Response: Programme Launch & Workshop

    The GSMA will launch its Disaster Response Programme with an inaugural working group at Mobile World Congress. The Disaster Response programme seeks to understand how mobile operators can most effectively support each other and improve resilience among networks in disaster scenarios, and identify how the mobile industry can best help citizens and humanitarian organisations on the ground following a crisis. Programme activities will be announced and  leaders from the mobile industry and humanitarian community will have an opportunity to share experiences, challenges and areas for improved coordination and collaboration.

    For further information, please contact Kyla Reid at kreid@gsm.org.

    At 9:30am to 12:00pm, Monday 27th February

    In GSMA Seminar Theatre (Hall 2.1), Fira Montjuic

  • Opening Keynote 1: Mobile Operator Strategies

    by Ralph de la Vega, Vittorio Colao, Anne Bouverot, Franco Bernabè and Li Yue

    While the mobile industry remains robust despite a turbulent global economic climate, the world’s mobile operators face many critical issues which will define the future growth of the industry.  Perhaps one of the most pressing is how to balance the need for continued investment in growth opportunities and the challenges presented by a competitive marketplace, limited spectrum resources and highly discerning customers.

    The plethora of mobile connected devices and new services in the market today provide a tantalising glimpse into the future of mobile, but much still needs to be done in order to deliver on the promise. This session will explore a range of issues such as: How can operators continue to evolve their business models as disruptive services challenge the status quo of traditional revenue streams? What opportunities does the entry of mobile technology into new verticals provide operators with? How can operators remain at the forefront of the technology innovation that has made our industry one of the key growth drivers of the global economy?

    Join the CEOs of the world’s leading operators as they discuss the strategies that are shaping the mobile industry today and well into the future.

    At 9:30am to 11:00am, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 5, Auditorium 1, Fira Montjuic

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  • Keynote 2: The Connected Consumer

    by Michael Roth, John Donahoe, Brian Dunn and Ben Wood

    From desktop PCs and games consoles to smartphones and tablets, Internet connectivity is now a pre-requisite for most consumer electronics devices. With so many consumers connected to multiple devices, content providers, advertisers and brands are experiencing an unprecedented access to end users, but the fragmented and personal nature of the mobile Internet poses a challenge to these players as they plan which engagement channels, strategies and business models will drive growth and justify investment in the digital space. Meanwhile, fixed and mobile Internet service providers, as well as equipment manufacturers will be challenged to provide a seamless online experience to increasingly tech-savvy and demanding consumers.How can stakeholders from different elements of the broad mobile ecosystem work together to deliver the services which will match the technological innovations we are seeing in the consumer electronics space today? Join industry leaders from the world’s retail, advertising and mobile companies as they discuss the future of the connected consumer.

    At 11:30am to 1:00pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 5, Auditorium 1, Fira Montjuic

  • Nokia Developer Day

    The Nokia Developer Day at MWC 2012 will be bigger and better than ever! We'll be showing developers how to take the next steps with the Nokia Lumia and Asha device ranges; designing and developing apps for widest reach and monetizing the unique dual opportunity.Did you know that Nokia Store is the most locally relevant channel available in over 190 countries? Come learn how to distribute to those 190+ countries and take advantage of the superior conversion rates of operator billing in 46 countries. We'll have both overview and technical sessions as well as demos, experts and business contacts available for networking.


    Nokia Developer Opportunity

    13:40 – 14:10

    Case studies: Tips on Monetizingapps

    14:10– 14:40

    Localengagement leads to global opportunities

    14:40 – 14:50


    14:50– 15:20

    Create for Millions

    15:20– 15:50

    Panel: putting brandsand content to the center stage

    15:50 – 16:00


    16:00– 18:00

    Happy Hour

    At 12:00pm to 6:00pm, Monday 27th February

    In App Planet (Hall 7), Auditorium B, Fira Montjuic

  • Mobile Spam : Eroding consumer trust

    The rapid growth of mobile messaging services has created a perfect environment for fraud and ID theft. The impact of this on the mobile ecosystem has the potential to be severe.  The GSMA has been working with members and security experts to develop methods and tools to control spam via the GSMA Spam Reporting Service.  Come learn how spammers are eroding consumer confidence in the messaging channel and what Operators, Regulators, Mobile Marketers and the GSMA are doing to keep them out of the mobile industry.

    At 12:30pm to 3:00pm, Monday 27th February

    In GSMA Seminar Theatre (Hall 2.1), Fira Montjuic

  • Mobile World Live Extra

    by Bret Taylor

    Mobile World Live Extra

    Featuring Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, Mobile World Live Extra is a special session heading up the Mobile Application stream. This session will be broadcast on Mobile World Live TV and onwww.mobileworldlive.com. Bret will discuss how Facebook is working to enhance the distribution and discovery of applications across mobile platforms

    At 1:20pm to 1:50pm, Monday 27th February

    In Fira Montjuic

  • LTE TDD/FDD International Summit (GTI Summit)

    Following the success of former five LTE TDD/FDD International Summits since 2009, the 6th LTE TDD/FDD International Summit (GTI Summit) will take place in the afternoon of Monday, 27 February 27 during Mobile World Congress 2012.

    The summit aims at boosting TD-LTE commercial deployment in the coming years and exploring novel business models and applications in the Wireless City and key industry sectors. Pioneering operators will bring audiences their valuable LTE deployment experience and explore the opportunities in joint LTE TDD/FDD product requirements, joint procurement, global roaming, etc. World-leading providers will release their cutting edge products and illustrate how key industry sectors benefit from LTE.

    At 1:30pm to 2:00pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 7, Auditorium A, Fira Montjuic

  • Business Transformation: Operators as Agile Businesses

    by Pat McCarthy, Jay R Blanc Selva, Robert Rich, Martin Creaner, Ersin Unkar and Ben Weintraub

    Jointly developed with

    Compared to Over the Top competition, traditional communications service providers have at times been slow to act and react to changing market conditions. However, there are striking demonstrations of business agility within the communications world as service providers are adapting their legacy infrastructures to tackle new requirements. These successes have been based on becoming a flexible enterprise through identifying and interpreting relevant data to make quick business decisions. To continue to overcome diminishing profit margins, service providers must become more responsive to their business environment and their consumers.

    In this session, we examine key success factors, pain points and case studies to help service providers deliver the agility and ingenuity they need to seize business opportunities and maximise their revenues.

    At 2:00pm to 3:30pm, Monday 27th February

    In Fira Montjuic

  • LTE TDD/FDD International Summit - Sponsored by GTI

    14:00 - 14:20

    Leader’s Vision on TD-LTE Commercialization

    China Mobile (Mr.  Li Yue, CEO)

    Invited Speakers: CEOs of Softbank, Bharti and Clearwire

    14:20 - 14:50

    Strategy Announcement and Product Release

    GTI Operator Requirements & Strategic Actions towards Commercialization

    TD-LTE Product Release

    GTI Award

    Cooperation with Partners and International Organizations

    14:50- 16:50

    Sharing of Commercialization Experience and Service Innovation

    Part 1

    Convergent Development of LTE TDD/FDD

    -  TD-LTE commercialization progress and future plan

    -  LTE TDD/FDD convergent network deployment and device development

    -  LTE business experience sharing

    Invited speakers: Vodafone, Reliance Industries, Hi3G, Softbank, Verizon, STC

    Part 2

    Service Innovations Powered by LTE

    - Successful application cases in global markets

    - Innovations and practices of key  industry sectors

    16:50 - 17:00

    Q&A and Conclusion

    At 2:00pm to 5:00pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 7, Auditorium A, Fira Montjuic

  • Mobile Applications: Apps for All - How Apps are Changing our Lives

    by Jose Valles, Ben Whitaker, Nathan Clapton, Rob Grimshaw, Scott Ellison, Vincent Hoogsteder, Eugene Tsyrklevich, Liat Ben-Zur and Doug Renert

    Apps are integral to the way many of us now live, work and play. From the games business to gamifying business, apps exist for everything from throwaway fun through to essential work tools. Some apps we pay for, some we don’t. Some we probably don’t even think of as apps, since they fit so seamlessly into the way we live our lives.

    Overall, the apps business is booming; Gartner forecasts US$15.9 billion end-user spend on apps in 2012. But reports also suggest that half of apps make less than US$3k each. Given the months of work that can go into producing an app, this kind of return on investment can’t be sustainable long term. How should the apps ecosystem evolve to support development?

    This session will look at two sides of the app equation: first, the money question – what is the most sustainable way to build an apps business model? And second, a discussion of how the world works for developers and a look at the type of apps that are out there changing the way we live.

    At 2:00pm to 3:30pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 5, Auditorium 2, Fira Montjuic

  • Mobile Cloud: Competitive Landscape

    by Robert Marcus, Olaf Swantee and Dennis Crowley

    Gone are the years when a competitor was a competitor and a partner was a partner. In today’s fluid competitive scenario, mobile operators must compete and collaborate amongst themselves and with other industry stakeholders. Software and Internet players are partners in the morning and competitors in the evening as the lines of competition blur.This session will address the challenges that this hyper-dynamic competitive scenario bring to mobile operators as well as the entire ecosystem. Business relationships are going beyond joint-ventures, M&A and strategic partnerships and in this scenario risks and opportunities are greater than ever.

    At 2:00pm to 3:30pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 5, Auditorium 3, Fira Montjuic

  • Mobile Health: Getting Mobile into the System - What We’ve Learnt so Far

    by Pramod Gaur Ph. D., Sailesh Chutani Ph.D., Richard Moore, Don Jones, Christopher Wasden and George Held

    Most of the successes in mobile health to date have been built from the bottom up: small but impactful projects that help communities with anything from increasing access to health information to improving maternal care. But the real step change for mobile health will come from national and international scale, which means, in many cases, getting mobile into existing government and private health systems.

    There are still many and varied systemic barriers to scaling mobile health, but progress is being made. The US Food and Drug Administration recently began to approve mobile health applications and is expected to issue guidance on mHealth devices in 2012. It is just this sort of progress that is vital to building confidence to invest in mHealth.

    This session will look at what has been done to date to get mobile health integrated into and supported by large health systems. Players from across the ecosystem will offer case studies from their own experience and will discuss what still needs to be done to get the most from mHealth.

    At 2:00pm to 3:30pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 5, Room 5, Fira Montjuic

  • developerprogram.com

    Developer Profits and Enterprise Applications

    For developers and carriers, the pot of gold can be hard to find at the end of the rainbow. But it’s waiting for you in this breakthrough session on creating profitable applications for enterprise customers.Are you an application developer who wants the latest on creating mobile collaboration applications for the enterprise?  Are you a carrier looking for the right roadmap for enterprise application success?

    Then attend this session and hear from the key players, developers and others who are leading the way to enterprise application profitability.Long-time enterprise leaders, developerprogram.com and Cisco Systems, will host this session covering the latest requirements demanded by enterprise customers.

    Dive into the details and learn about the collaboration and Unified Communications APIs and SDKs that control 64% of the market for the mobile connected work force.

    Plug into the large corporate budgets for applications that drive today’s 24/7 mobile workers.

    Learn how Cisco products like WebEx Conferencing, the Cisco Jabber IM and presence collaboration suite, and Quad for social information sharing help the always-on enterprise A-team get the job done.

    Submit your Android applications into AppHQ, the first app store for the enterprise. And discover the industry’s first Android tablet for the enterprise, the Cisco Cius.

    Click hereto indicate your interest in attending the developerprogram.com ADC.

    We’ll see you there!

    At 2:30pm to 7:00pm, Monday 27th February

    In App Planet (Hall 7), Auditorium C, Fira Montjuic

  • Business Transformation: Operators as Intelligent Partners

    by Bill Archer, Chris Barraclough, Daniel Gurrola, Susie Kim Riley, Tony Poulos, Kennet Radne, Vaughan Smith, Jeff Warren and Michael Manzo

    Jointly developed with

    With the spread of the mobile Internet, smartphones and the emergence of M2M, the role of service providers within an increasingly complex value chain has evolved and as new devices emerge, more change is on the horizon. This evolution exposes service providers to the needs of new industries; those service providers that can work with and support these needs will thrive while the slowest will fall by the wayside.

    Service providers’ networks, billing relationships, data handling and wealth of information offer magnificent opportunities for would-be partners to take advantage of. However, the challenge for service providers lies in presenting these in useful formats to support creative and lucrative partnerships. The success of OTT players is testament to past shortcomings in this area. How can service providers rise to the technical and business challenges of becoming intelligent partners to diverse industries?

    This session examines the hurdles to overcome and outstanding examples to follow.

    At 4:00pm to 5:30pm, Monday 27th February

    In Fira Montjuic

  • Mobile Applications: The Future of Voice & Messaging

    by Tom Christian Gotschalksen, Alistair Mitchell, Talmon Marco, Frederic Huet, Kobus Smit and Jan Koum

    Voice and messaging, those most fundamental of all mobile services, are changing. Mobile network operators used to be the undisputed rulers of voice and messaging on the go. Occasionally there was a challenge to their primacy – VoIP made a few headlines and mobile IM was a US frontrunner for a while – but global mobile voice and SMS usage was robust.

    However, the popularity of smartphones, wifi offload and unlimited data plans has helped make it cheap and easy for consumers to get their voice and messaging from someone else, and operators have begun to report the impact.

    But this isn’t just about a battle between mobile operators and over-the-top players. It’s a story of partnerships and changing consumer behaviours, of richer communications and new business models. This session will bring together key players in this evolving marketplace to ask whether there has been a shift in the balance of power, and what mobile voice and messaging will look like in years to come.

    At 4:00pm to 5:30pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 5, Auditorium 2, Fira Montjuic

  • Mobile Cloud: Contending for Content

    by Mark Zawacki, Kevin Peters, Lior Netzer, Zygmunt Lozinski, Andrea Traversone and Malcolm Nicholas

    The huge number of cloud solutions available today is only set to grow in the future as the adoption of smartphones, tablets and other media devices increase rapidly. The increase in mobile data capacity requirements due to the cloud presents some challenges for mobile network operators and other service providers in optimising content delivery. How can mobile network operators and other service providers ensure the most efficient use of their networks and other assets to successfully deliver cloud-based content and monetise cloud solutions profitably?

    This session will discuss mobile cloud content delivery models and will assess how mobile network operators and other service providers can best leverage their assets to maximise their opportunities in the value chain and monetise mobile cloud solutions successfully.

    At 4:00pm to 5:30pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 5, Auditorium 3, Fira Montjuic

  • Mobile Health: mHealth & The User - Building Trust, Creating Demand

    by Christian Lindholm, Martin Kopp, Nicolaus Henke, Dr Michael Reilly, Josep M. Picas and Jose Perdomo

    For mobile health to be a success, its proponents must find ways to optimise mobile for users of existing health services: health practitioners, patients and consumers.  It should, put simply, meet their needs.  These needs will not only be direct health improvements but will also encompass complex and interrelated questions of operational efficiency, accountability, and life and working style.  End users must also trust that mobile health will deliver what it promises.

    This session will question the extent to which health practitioners, patients and consumers in different markets are ready and willing to use mobile health. It will discuss the way patients and consumers perceive different uses of mobile in health, from wellness apps and social networks through to enterprise apps and remote-monitoring devices. Speakers will also discuss how to market the mobile health message, and will examine approaches to branding and promotion of mHealth services from different levels of the value chain.

    At 4:00pm to 5:30pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 5, Room 5, Fira Montjuic

  • Mobile World Live Keynote

    by Bill Ford Jr

    The Mobile World Live keynotes will once again feature the industry’s leading lights, sharing their visions for the future of mobile technology. These special stand-alone evening sessions are a break from the traditional format, and are the only Mobile World Congress conference sessions to be broadcast live over the internet and via Mobile World Live TV

    Mobile World Live Keynote – Ford Motor Company

    The GSMA Mobile World Congress and Mobile World Live are proud to host the Ford Motor Company’s executive chairman Bill Ford Jr. in the first of the 2012 Mobile World Live keynotes.

    During 2011, Ford unveiled a number of prototype and concept technologies that demonstrated the company is already on the path to achieving its vision of the connected future.

    Bill Ford’s presence at the 2012 Mobile World Congress will mark the first time Ford executive chairman has delivered a keynote technology speech in Europe.

    Join this special session to discover how Ford is working towards improving the motoring experience through technology innovation and ubiquitous connectivity and share in Bill Ford’s vision of the connected future.

    At 6:00pm to 6:45pm, Monday 27th February

    In Hall 5, Auditorium 1, Fira Montjuic