Data Driven Development with Backbone.js

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Welcome to the Web Development World of 2012: The logic moves towards the client, nearly every major web plattform has a clientside reachable api. That´s great for companies, less logic on the serverside means less power needed for the servers in the back. But this leads to unknown problems for the frontend javascript developers, who mostly didn´t work with large datasets, sorting algorythms or data aggregation. So the question is: How to tackle all these problems in a way that satisfies the customer's needs and stays manageable for the javascript developers behind the application?

Our favourite tool jQuery isn´t helpful on that way. Backbone JS to the rescue! Backbone is a small open source and community driven framework for building structured client side web applications. Backbone has some nice data structuring capabilities, like wrapping your data in models with evented getter and setter functions. Or storing a bunch of models in a collection, which then can be sorted and manipulated in an object oriented manner. The talk will cover the basics of Backbone JS in conjunction with jQuery, how you can use it, how you set up a basic project and then will go deeper when aggregating data from different online services, manipulating and displaying them gracefully. The last part of the talk will be around the community, available plugins, 'on top' libraries like Backbone Marionette and applications that have already been build with Backbone, outlining what the best use cases for a backbone driven app are.

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Sebastian Golasch

Nerdy talking, JavaScript coding, arduino wiring Interwebs Dude

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Date Mon 15th October 2012

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