Sessions at MongoNYC 2012 about Aggregation

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Wednesday 23rd May 2012

  • The New Aggregation Framework

    by Chris Westin

    We're working on a new aggregation framework for MongoDB that will introduce a new aggregation system that will make it a lot easier to do simple tasks like counting, averaging, and finding minima or maxima while grouping by keys in a collection. The new aggregation features are not a replacement for map-reduce, but will make it possible to do a number of things much more easily, without having to resort to the big hammer that is map-reduce. After introducing the syntax and usage patterns for the new aggregation system, we will give some demonstrations of aggregation using the new system.

    At 1:35pm to 2:15pm, Wednesday 23rd May

  • Whiteboard Session - Aggregation Framework

    by Chris Westin

    At 3:15pm to 3:55pm, Wednesday 23rd May

  • Real Time Data Analytics; Pre-Aggregation with Counters

    by Scott Hernandez

    There are many ways to build dashboards and reports with detailed aggregations. In this talk we will outline one way of using pre-aggregating as data is collected in order to provide real-time views. You may be familiar with options which include post data collection processing, like map/reduce or the new aggregation framework; we will investigate some of the downsides which we will need to be addressed when defining the use case for counters and pre-aggregation with MongoDB. Come learn how to build these types of reports and see how easy it can be.

    At 4:00pm to 4:40pm, Wednesday 23rd May

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