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Wednesday 23rd May 2012

  • N2M:Node.js and MongoDB as the Modern Stack for the Real-Time Web

    by Ed Saipetch

    The combination of node.js and mongodb has emerged as the framework of choice for people building real-time applications, and is on the path to becoming the replacement for the common LAMP stack. This talk will suggest some reasons why and discuss some of the observed patterns in these types of applications.

    At 3:15pm to 3:55pm, Wednesday 23rd May

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  • Real Time Data Analytics; Pre-Aggregation with Counters

    by Scott Hernandez

    There are many ways to build dashboards and reports with detailed aggregations. In this talk we will outline one way of using pre-aggregating as data is collected in order to provide real-time views. You may be familiar with options which include post data collection processing, like map/reduce or the new aggregation framework; we will investigate some of the downsides which we will need to be addressed when defining the use case for counters and pre-aggregation with MongoDB. Come learn how to build these types of reports and see how easy it can be.

    At 4:00pm to 4:40pm, Wednesday 23rd May

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