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Puni Rajah

Technology industry analyst, tracking consumption and purchase models. Coach @6revs. Content Director @CanalysForum bio from Twitter

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Mat Wall

Technical architect at Government Digital Service

Eamonn Faherty

interested in changing behaviour (for the better) using social networking, games and technology. bio from Twitter

Adewale Oshineye

Developer Advocate at Google. Co-author of Apprenticeship Patterns. Learning to listen. Learning to let go. Making things happen. Telling better stories. bio from Twitter

Ben Firshman

Building tools for academia. Previously: @docker, @guardian, @govuk bio from Twitter

Tim Anderson

Tech journalist, freelance bio from Twitter

Thayer Prime

I tweet about technology, videogaming, running & music. Oh, and microbragging like everyone else. bio from Twitter


Product guy at @tidelift (we're hiring!) @librariesio and @dependencyci. Part time game designer and co founder of @atpcardgame. bio from Twitter

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Mickaël Rémond

ProcessOne founder, Developer of all kind of real time things, from instant messasing with ejabberd to notification with P1PP


The views expressed are mine, and should not be taken in any way as representing my employer, past, present or future. Interested in minimalism & technology. bio from Twitter

Paul Johnston

AWS Serverless Developer Advocate, Cofounder JeffConf, ex CTO @Movivo, Startups, Techie, Geek and Christian Green profile pic: #ClimateChange. Views are my own bio from Twitter

Justin Cormack

Security, open source, cloud, LinuxKit, BSD, unikernels, work @docker bio from Twitter

Ewan Leith

Big Data Architect. No, really, that is my job title, stop sniggering! A list of buzzwords, as far as the eye can see. bio from Twitter

James Cherkoff

London's modern marketeer. bio from Twitter

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Dave McCrory

Sr. Architect for Cloudfoundry, VMware

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Bryan Cantrill

VP of Engineering at Joyent. Inventor of DTrace

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Jason Hoffman


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Dave Johnson

Adobe PhoneGap

John Stevenson

Speaker, author, conference organiser & community obsessed developer - loves Clojure, Emacs, Cats, Cycling & Agile development. @Heroku @SalesforceDevs

Will McInnes

Managing Director @NixonMcInnes. Author of 'Culture Shock' http://amzn.to/X6KoX4 Nonexec @WiredSussex and curator of @MeaningConf. bio from Twitter

Paul Wright

Infrastructure and API engineer at @etsy. An Englishman in Brooklyn. Finder of links.

Stephane Rodet

Working at IBM development on Web UI for cloud - singing, traveling, reading and flying in my free time. Views are my own. bio from Twitter

Jeff Griffiths

Director of Product, @firefox Browsers bio from Twitter

Marco Abis

Operations Ideas Delivered

Glen Robinson

Amazonian, VW camper fanatic, and keen surfer. bio from Twitter

Andy Piper

Twitter | Open Source | Community | LEGO

Neil Bartlett

OSGi and Eclipse expert, Haskell enthusiast bio from Twitter

Dan Young

Lead Technologist at Expo-e. Networks, Interwebs, Clouds, Serious Business. Views my own. bio from Twitter

Thom May

Ciceronianus es, non christianus. Community Engineering at CHEF, but I’m pretty sure no-one else would want these opinions. bio from Twitter

Alfie Dennen

I do web and mobile things. bio from Twitter

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