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  • (601) Designing Open Badges in the Wild

    by emgollie, Sunny Lee, Andrew Sliwinski and Doug Belshaw

    Open Badges are a relatively new concept in UK education - both formal and informal. Unlike in the US where there are a number of DML Competition-funded projects mid-way through their work, there is only one of these in the UK (Supporter2Reporter). Nevertheless, there are a number of people already doing some work in the area.

    This session will allow participants to discuss how badges might be used within a UK context, as well as facilitate partnerships and understanding between diverse organisations. We'd like to get people thinking through badge system design in their particular context(s) and have a go at creating a badge in the session itself.

    This session will be divided into two, one-hour sessions:

    _Session 1

    • Opening icebreaker activity
    • Circle of people's experiences and context
    • Overview of Open Badges and what people are doing with them - participants come up with three 'tags' for their (planned) project
    • Break into small groups based on shared interests
    • Circle with feedback from groups and further discussion
    • Preparation for Session 2

    _Session 2

    • Opening circle, welcoming new arrivals
    • Quick overview of Session 1
    • Groups start designing badge, starting with behaviours they want to promote and moving on to considering metadata to include
    • Quick break to share what groups have done so far
    • Groups finish off, including rough graphic design
    • Closing circle

    At 11:00am to 1:00pm, Saturday 10th November

    In 6. Floor, Ravensbourne

  • (601) Make Open Badges Better

    by Sunny Lee, Mike Larsson and emgollie

    The Open Badges team is rolling out user experience enhancements to the Badge Backpack; which is where an earner collects, manages, groups and shares their badges. Badge earners will get to experience the Backpack, including:

    • Going to a site that issues Open Badge Infrastructure compatible badges like Webmaker;
    • Earning badges;
    • Setting up a Backpack account;
    • Pushing those badges to your Backpack;
    • Exploring the features available in the Backpack;
    • Explore additional features through paper prototypes.

    In the process, participants will gain first hand exposure to the different components of the Backpack. By providing feedback of their experience, participants will be contributing directly to the features conversation and helping to inform prioritization of next steps.

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Saturday 10th November

    In 6. Floor, Ravensbourne

  • (213) Volunteer to Donate

    by Clare Delmar

    Our session will explore how we can use badges to reward employee volunteers in companies, and use these badges to raise more money for charitable causes.

    We know that people who volunteer are more likely to give more money to charitable causes. We also know lots of companies that want to promote volunteering among their staff and customers. We think we can get more people volunteering if companies recognise volunteers and award them a badge, and we think that the badge itself can develop into a currency that will generate more money for charitable causes.

    Session participants will be invited to design a badge for employee volunteers, which can be awarded, shared and rewarded in different ways to meet the objectives of volunteers, their employers, and the charities they support.

    We will share with participants our experience of 2 years engaging with companies, government and individuals around volunteering and charitable giving, and provide an opportunity to take part in an initiative that aims to rid the world of the excuse “I can’t afford to give to charity”.


    • awareness of the potential for badging to play a key role in increasing the amount of time and money going to charitable causes
    • a template for badging that people can give to their employer or a company that they work with
    • Participants can work on a real-time initiative

    At 2:00pm to 5:00pm, Saturday 10th November

    In 2. Floor, Ravensbourne

  • (606) Hacktivating Learning: Creating Projects for Webmakers

    by Doug Belshaw, Radhika Mehta Tandon and Carla Casilli

    Hacktivate now! Help design and create Webmaker Projects! We'll use Thimble projects to make simple, interest-based learning experiences that help you make something cool while teaching code and other important skills along the way.

    You can create awesome projects worth sharing on Webmaker.org, gain a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, experience building things, and become a contributor to a global learning effort.

    Bring your ideas to this session and we'll be matching you with teams of instructors and developers who can help you shape, build and submit complete projects.

    We'll learn how to prototype and build with mentors. We'll playtest our creations and demo the best of them at the closing Science Fair.

    Who should come?

    • Instructors, designers and developers
    • People excited about alternative approaches to teaching and learning, excited about webmaker
    • Webmakers of all ages!

    At 2:00pm to 5:00pm, Saturday 10th November

    In 6. Floor, Ravensbourne

    Coverage note

  • (703) Badges: Our story so far

    by DigitalME

    Since winning a prize in the 4th Digital Media and Learning Competition, DigitalMe and schools based social learning platform Makewaves have been piloting the Mozilla Open Badges system for our S2R Medals project. We’ve been developing an exciting new way to recognise and reward the skills young people develop by taking part in our award winning Supporter to Reporter programme.

    We know that through becoming a sports reporter, young people develop confidence, improved speaking and listening skills, teamwork and resilience, as well as the maturity to become mentors and pass on their skills to others. The DML open badges project is enabling us to build a series of online ‘Medals’ which recognise and reward these achievements, which young people can use to demonstrate their skills to future employers.

    We’d like to share our experience of the DML pilot to date. Young people who have informed the pilot will be involved, to share their experiences and contribute to discussions. We’ll talk about the process of designing the Medals and the assessment criteria to support them, building the issuing and displaying technology and - with the input of participants - explore some of the challenges we’ve faced so far.

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Saturday 10th November

    In 7. Floor, Ravensbourne

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