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  • (210) Citizen Science 2.0

    by Francois Grey, CERN, Imperial College, Sloan Foundation, OKFN, David Aanensen, Rufus Pollock, Citizen Cyberscience, Daniel Lombraña Glez and Mark Surman

    Session moderated by Mark Surman, Executive Director at Mozilla.

    David Aanensen, Lecturer in Bioinformatics, Imperial College
    Francois Grey, Coordinator of Citizen Cyberscience Centre, CERN
    Daniel Lombraña González, Lead Developer at Citizen Cyberscience Centre, CERN
    Joshua M. Greenberg, Director of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Digital Information Technology program
    Rufus Pollock, co-founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation

    What this is all about:

    Thanks to the Web, the range of citizen science projects has exploded in recent years, ranging from computing climate models to folding proteins to sensing earthquakes. These projects have traditionally been developed by individual research groups in narrow software silos.

    But the rise of browser-based apps and the growing power of mobile devices enables new mash-ups of volunteer-based computing, sensing and thinking. Rapid prototyping of novel citizen science projects, accessible to amateur as well as professional scientists, could be just around the corner.

    How can we nurture the rise of this new type of citizen science on the Web? What are the research opportunities that this could open, and what are the risks?

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Saturday 10th November

    In 2. Floor, Ravensbourne

  • (210) Science and the Web - DesignJam

    by Toni Hermoso Pulido and Alina Mierlus

    During this session, we will explore the space between WEB and citizen science by collaboratively designing and prototyping webapps and data vizualizations that would fill the gap between science and citizens.

    For example, imagine how many things could be done with the current available open scientific data. From apps that could help people to search information about a subject they are interested in, mashup various scientific information or tools that could help citizens visualize data and use it for their projects.

    Participants will learn:

    • how to paper prototype
    • get to know how to work with scientific data and where to find it (open repositories with relevant scientific data)
    • make data visualizations and apps using JavaScript technology

    Who should come?

    • UX designers, coders;
    • Data visualization geeks;
    • Open Data geeks;
    • Anyone who wants to learn more about open scientific data, processing tools, rapid prototyping.
    • Science geeks!

    At 2:00pm to 5:00pm, Saturday 10th November

    In 2. Floor, Ravensbourne

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