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  • (213) Me & My City

    by Martin Spindler and Louisa Heinrich

    As the Internet of Things matures, sensors will continue to proliferate - in public spaces, measuring air quality, noise pollution, weather and more; and in private hands, where some of the same things will be measured and some different - biometrics, health, energy consumption and so forth. Governments are already planning their ecosystems, and more choices become available to consumers every day.

    But how will these things be interconnected to achieve their potential? There is a real opportunity here to empower citizenry and improve our way of life:

    • Enable people to understand and measure their quality of life, and decide for themselves what that entails
    • Enable governments to measure, evaluate and improve key services and infrastructure
    • Uncover new opportunities for governments and businesses to introduce components and services to close gaps and further improve urban life

    This workshop will address the challenge: How can sensors improve the quality of urban life, creating a stronger connection between Me and My City?

    At 11:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday 11th November

    In 2. Floor, Ravensbourne

  • (601) Mobile Webmaking: Prototyping

    by Aaron Druck, iamjessklein and David Ascher

    Build on ideas for webmaking on mobile.

    • Activity 1:Sketching/ Pitching (Reviewing/ re-fining concepts)
    • Activity 2: Paper Prototyping 101
    • Activity 3: Iterating/ Demoing

    At 11:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday 11th November

    In 6. Floor, Ravensbourne

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  • (604) Exploring How to Teach Programming and Javascript

    by Dethe Elza, Erin Knight and Chris McAvoy

    Explore various approaches to teaching js, including a next version of Thimble, and prototype the ideal solution that supports teaching computational thinking, programming basics and js syntax.

    At 11:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday 11th November

    In 6. Floor, Ravensbourne

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  • (211) The Web Gramophone

    by Alex Lakatos and Brian King

    This session is designed teach you how to build almost any Web app.

    We'll be making a web application (The Web Gramophone) with client and server parts using audio and images in Firefox. Images will be translated into audio and vice-versa. Any image can be used. You can play a regular image, but it's likely the audio will be scrambled and won't sound good. Auditory results may vary, but the learning outcomes will certainly be valuable!

    Participants will:

    • Learn web technologies
    • Learn how to work with audio and images on the Web
    • Learn how to use the Audio API in Firefox, Canvas, and typed Arrays
    • Collaborate and communicate in App development teams


    • A working app.
    • A Web Service to upload audio that produces an image or images, and in reverse.

    Who should come?

    • A mix of people with different skill sets to get together and build something new.

    At 2:30pm to 5:30pm, Sunday 11th November

    In 2. Floor, Ravensbourne

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