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  • (703) A Simple Building Block for the Physical Web

    by Dan Wigglesworth

    Join us for a brainstorming session where we'll develop ideas for a very simple machine that will read and display (highly selective) information from the web. This activity requires understanding the implications of the available data but also allows a lot of creativity in the output presentation which might include any of the following: LEDs, simple sounds (beeps), or moving parts (via a small stepper motor).

    Never fear - there will be lots of of support as we browse open data sources, share findings including code snippets, and examine a simple, functioning information display device that can access and display next vehicle information from the Web. We'll have some electronics including arduinos and prototyping "breadboards" (or pre-fabbed arduino shields) on hand in various stages of assembly.

    Participants will have an opportunity to assemble the display devices and to program them using their computers.


    • Learn about web "pages" that are written for machines, not people (for example, "Open Data" for Public Transport next vehicle information, published as XML)
    • Make a physical "web page" (using arduino) that displays (? you decide) information

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Sunday 11th November

    In 7. Floor, Ravensbourne

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