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  • (602, Webmaker Bar) Make Open Badges Better II

    by Mike Larsson, emgollie and Sunny Lee

    The Open Badges team is rolling out user experience enhancements to the Badge Backpack; which is where an earner collects, manages, groups and shares their badges. Badge earners will get to experience the Backpack, including:

    • Going to a site that issues Open Badge Infrastructure compatible badges like Webmaker;
    • Earning badges;
    • Setting up a Backpack account;
    • Pushing those badges to your Backpack;
    • Exploring the features available in the Backpack;
    • Explore additional features through paper prototypes.

    In the process, participants will gain first hand exposure to the different components of the Backpack. By providing feedback of their experience, participants will be contributing directly to the features conversation and helping to inform prioritization of next steps.

    At 12:00pm to 1:30pm, Sunday 11th November

    In 6. Floor, Ravensbourne

  • (603) Skills and Literacies: what do you need to know about the web?

    by Doug Belshaw

    What does it mean to 'level up' with web skills? Join us as we talk about version 0.9 of Mozilla's web literacies white paper. Have some input as we develop our thinking further and use it to power Webmaker badges.

    We'll give you an overview of our latest work and then ask for your input. It'll be an interactive session for everyone from those coming across the area of new literacies for the first time through to those wanting to give a detailed critique. You can take a look for yourself to prepare for the session at http://mzl.la/weblit.

    Who should come?

    • Educators interested in using Mozilla's web literacies work in the classroom
    • Developers looking to give us some feeedback
    • Anyone curious about levelling up their web skills, competencies and literacies

    At 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Sunday 11th November

    In 6. Floor, Ravensbourne

    Coverage write-up

  • (601) Make a Webmaker Badge!

    by Doug Belshaw, chris_appleton and Carla Casilli

    Announcing Mozilla Webmaker Badges! They're finally here! At this session you can earn some of your very own. How will you do that? By using an <iframe> properly, by fixing a hyperlink, by publishing a completed Thimble project, etc. Even better, you'll get to help us think about & create other webmaker badges.

    At 2:30pm to 5:30pm, Sunday 11th November

    In 6. Floor, Ravensbourne

  • (603) Badge Bingo

    by Damian Ewens, Codery and Kerri Lemoie

    Badge Bingo is an interactive, festival-long, game where MozFest attendees use digital badges they earn to connect 5 in a row! Digital badges recognize and connect skills and achievements that happen anytime and anywhere.

    Participants will be able to issue and receive badges across various issuing platforms and earn badges for learning new web skills or for providing feedback on the process. We want badges and associated delivery systems to be intuitive to users and we want to learn with the badging community about badge value across stakeholders (issuers, recipients, and community), platforms, and varying contexts.

    If you want your workshop badges included let us know at hello@GoCodery.com. Registration starts Nov 7th at http://badgebingo.com/

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Sunday 11th November

    In 6. Floor, Ravensbourne

    Coverage photo link

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