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Desigan Chinniah

Partnerships firestarter @mozilla & @firefox. Normally riding a big bird or in the park with my family. Always up for a coffee. Say hello@desiganchinniah.com.

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Official Mozilla account. Meet-ups to make and learn about the web. Hack jams to build sweet tools. Tweet @mozilla to get involved.

Diamond Braganza

Love technology, especially using it to bring people together, organised over 150 events around the world, including the UK, Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand

Milverton Wallace

Organiser of the 'seasonal' hackathons--Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Anibe Agamah

I ♥ creating things with code. I do it almost daily on Telegraph.co.uk. Co-founded @enciphergroup bio from Twitter

Tiffany Mitchell

I love colour - I am Caribbean; I am a rare hybrid. I am a multi-layered, richly-textured creature + Some people think I'm a Mobile Geek bio from Twitter


Developing the mobile web bio from Twitter

Michael Mahemoff

Choose Web! Maker, Writer, Former Developer Advocate at Google. http://mahemoff.com. #UX #DevExp #HTML5 #Chrome #Agile #Psych

This person is involved with this event.
Mozilla Hacks

Official Mozilla account for web developers. Learn about new web technologies, great HTML5 apps, and Firefox features. bio from Twitter


Enthusiastic geek bio from Twitter

Wilson Page

Loving: #HTML5, #NodeJS, #MongoDB and plenty of #CSS3.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Front End Developer @ London I love HTML5, CSS3, RWD and all these cutting edge nerd stuff / technologies bio from Twitter

Tom Drummond

Codes a bit. My tweets are often irreverent, rarely insightful and generally nonsense

Sven Steinbauer

I've got a keyboard, a compiler, and a whole lot of luck bio from Twitter

Amie Tyrrel

Work for Mozilla, Read Alot, Immigration Buff, Health & Fitness Junkie, Music Fanatic, Humanitarian, Internationally Minded bio from Twitter

Ryan Watson

Hey, I'm w0ts0n - Computer Jedi, Mozillian, Tech, sys admin type thing bio from Twitter

Daniel Stanley

Co-founder of Small Axe Communications. Mostly tweet about Spurs, trying to stretch to other subjects bio from Twitter


Knowledge Seeker, Problem Solver, Life Changer | i18n & L10n specialist | #thinker #maker #doer | Love #bacon, fresh #coffee, #politics, #sashimi, #RedSox

Franklin Nwa

Entrepreneur, Software developer, Mobile tech enthusiast. bio from Twitter


Computer Scientist, potential Ph.D, Linux Mozillian/Maemo/MeeGo, C++/Qt FLOSS, P2P. N900/N9 user. Not fan of Java. Warhammer 40K. #Unlike bio from Twitter

Johanna Cherry

i ♥ u bio from Twitter

Sentinel Web Tech

Sentinel web technologies a London android apps startup, including MyPOD, Super Cards & Silent mode timer Expect android news, app, help, release info. bio from Twitter

Juanjo Dominguez

CSS, HTML, JS, PHP, MEAN, BRB, AFK, LOL and many more {2,4} letter initialisms!


Software developer, Python, open source advocate, Linux user, frustrated amateur gamedev.

Rob Crowther

London based web developer and author http://www.dotrob.com/cv.html bio from Twitter

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