Sessions at New Adventures in Web Design 2012 about Creativity

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Wednesday 18th January 2012

  • Paper is your friend

    by Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson

    Great designers have one thing in common: their design process is centered on ideas; ideas that are more often than not developed on paper.

    This workshop, delivered in the tried and tested Standardistas’ style®, explores the importance of paper prototyping as a critical, though often overlooked, stage in the design process. We explore a number of questions, including: How do you get ideas in the first place? How do you capture these ideas and turn them into real, tangible design prototypes? (and) How do you create original designs that that aren't mere carbon-copies of the most recent (1% noise) design trends.

    Using nothing more than pen and paper the Standardistas will show you how to revolutionise your design process that saves time, money and heartache.

    At 9:00am to 1:30pm, Wednesday 18th January

Thursday 19th January 2012

  • We Used to Build Forts

    by Travis Schmeisser

    We're one of the world's most technically inclined, connected and creative industries, but we've lost a great deal of our sense of self expression within the craft. Let's figure out how we can get that desire back and band together to great experiences purely for the same reason we started creating things in the first place - because we have to.

    Travis Schmeisser lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a Senior User Experience Designer for 80/20. He focuses on designing next generation products for the web, desktop, television, mobile and tablets with clients including Comcast, Skype, Vodafone, Motorola and Nokia. Travis maintains a personal site at rockthenroll.com and thinks there’s a very valid reason Springsteen is referred to as The Boss.

    At 11:45am to 12:30pm, Thursday 19th January

  • Your Brain on Creativity

    by Denise Jacobs

    While creativity seems ethereal, mysterious and often capricious, there is a biological side of the creative process that underlies the sense of being animated by the divine. Creativity is not just a state of mind and soul, but is also complex symphony of neurobiology, neurochemistry, and neuroelectricity. What is happening inside our craniums, amongst the cortex, hemispheres, and neuroglia when we create? How does the science of the creative brain turn concepts of ways to approach things like work, order, serious concentration, focus, and productivity on their ears? If we better understand the brain on creativity, we can hopefully leverage it's power for increased ideation, innovation, productivity, and flow.

    Denise Jacobs adores being a Speaker, Author, Consultant Web Design Trainer and Creativity Evangelist. Denise wrote The CSS Detective Guide and is a co-author to Interact with Web Standards: A holistic approach to Web Design. Denise has also developed curricula for the Web Standards Project Education Task Force (WaSP InterAct) and was nominated for .Net Magazine’s 2010 Best of the Web Standards Champion award. She aspires to encourage more people from underrepresented groups to Rawk The Web.

    At 4:15pm to 5:00pm, Thursday 19th January