news:rewired - media in motion schedule


  • Data journalism tools

    by Simon Rogers and Andy Cotgreave

  • Gaming mechanics in news

    by Bobby Schweizer

    Incorporating gaming mechanics into the news-telling process is an attractive proposition to publishers looking for greater engagement with stories and a way to involve readers more directly in how they understand a news event. This session will hear from the experts in this field on how newsrooms can bring in gaming mechanics, from a basic level to more advanced video-game styles, and importantly address what sorts of stories this storytelling format is best suited to.

  • Mobile reporting

    by Ben Fawkes and Paul Gallagher

    Most journalists today have a tool in their pocket which gives them the ability to not only record interviews, capture video or images and file reports but carry out a multitude of more advanced tasks, from tracking social media, editing audio and video packages to even searching for contacts geographically. Of course it is the mobile phone and this session will provide delegates with a host of tools and skills to help them make the most of this piece of kit.

  • Multiplatform strategies

    by Mike Goldsmith

    News outlets rarely publish on one platform in today’s media market, and so when it comes to building a strategy for pushing out editorial content publishers need to be aware of the opportunities afforded by the array of platforms, from smartphone and iPad to the desktop computer screen. This session will look at how news organisations can build an effective multiplatform strategy which showcases its content, building on the experiences of industry experts.

  • Online video

    by Christian Heilmann

    Most publishers will have at least dipped their toe into the pool of online video, but what does it take to really make a splash in this area, and reap the traffic rewards? This session will feature innovative case studies of cutting-edge online video which can enhance the way content is presented and shared, as well as top tips from experienced online video journalists, publishers and those leading key developments in web-native video about the opportunities to be exploited through the online medium.

  • Paid-for content models

    by Francois Nel and Tom Standage

    How can we to make money from online content? That is the million dollar question in the news industry today and one which continues to be answered in many different ways. As we move into another year it’s time to return to the debate and look at how the main models being pursued in the industry today which can be adopted by both national news titles as well as more niche outlets and magazine publishers, be it through app subscriptions, a bold paywall or a more metered approach. This session will also look at how Apple’s Newsstand, which was released in October, has increased app downloads for magazine publishers.

  • Social Media Optimisation

    by Chris Hamilton, Nate Lanxon and Martin Belam

    With more and more journalists becoming active on social media platforms, now it is the time to think about how effective we are being in sharing news. This session will look at SMO, which is all about when best to send out news on social media platforms, such as on Twitter and Facebook, to reach the prime audience at the right time.

  • The debate: Setting social media standards

    by Laura Kuenssberg, Tom McArthur and Neal Mann

  • Workshop: Search Engine Optimisation skills

    by Malcolm Coles