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Michelle Coventry

Founder @MavenVentures (connecting Tech teams, Entrepreneurs & Investors in Europe & US) #F1, #startup #talenthacker @TechLondonAdv #Talent Mentor @techstars bio from Twitter

Björn Ognibeni

Practical Visionary, CoFounder @ BuzzRank, living in Hamburg, Germany. bio from Twitter


movement bio from Twitter

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Ben Hammersley

Journalist, writer, speaker, flying trapeze bio from Twitter

Râu Cao

Developer, hacker, entrepreneur, nomad, caveman, cosmopolite, cinephile, reader, pirate. Proud wearer of freckles. Rebel Coder-in-Chief at @5apps.

Sven Kräuter

Agile & Lean. Coaching | Software | Maker Artifacts

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Jens Nikolaus

Boris Anthony

Head of Design, Mobile Location Based Services, Nokia, Berlin. Web-native. Previously: Montréal, poet-hacker, GlobalVoicesOnline & Dopplr. bio from Twitter

Harald Mueller

PR / SEO / Mobile (MobileMonday) / Web / (Social) Media addict - having made my hobbies my job - most of the time ... bio from Twitter

Ernst Fall

Webworker / Menschen | Medien | Film | Trends bio from Twitter

Igor Schwarzmann

Curly monster. Knowmad. Co-founder of @thirdwaveberlin. Strategy & Foresight. Talk to me about the future of cities, publishing and work. bio from Twitter

jonas kroeger

new media architect, digital native. i love working on innvovative media-projects. i love the web, mobile and frontend development and i love being crazy! bio from Twitter

Andreas Lenz

Co-Founder yeebase media + t3n Magazine for Social Media, E-Business & Open Source bio from Twitter

Marcello Merlo

Events Director & Partner at Frontiers of Interaction @frontiersof - Co-founder Talent Garden Milano @talentgardenit bio from Twitter

Mark Pors

Inbetween startups. Playing with tech (Arduino, RPi, Python, AngularJS, Go, Crypto, bitcoin,...) and getting fit again (Lifting iron). bio from Twitter

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Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

founder of @GNLteam / designer of #iot projects and co-organiser of #iotlondon and @openiot / ex CEO @tinkerlondon

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holger blank,, bio from Twitter

Stefan Evertz

Social media strategy & monitoring, BarCamps, husband, father. @monitoringcamp @gpluscamp @bcruhr7. Online seit 1994. Hier privat. Und sonst @cortexdigitalDE

Johannes Kleske

co-founder of @thirdwaveberlin, observer, strategist, writer, podcaster. endless curiosity. bio from Twitter

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Curator of seminars and conferences on media and technology, a.o. (Berlin), iMMovator events (Hilversum), TEDxAmsterdam (Amsterdam). bio from Twitter

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Martin Recke

PR guy and blogger with journalistic background, organiser of NEXT Berlin conference, father of a family and home owner, roman-catholic. bio from Twitter

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NEXT Conference

Meet international executives and pioneers who digitally shape tomorrow's business world today at #NEXT14 on May 5-6. bio from Twitter

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