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Managing projects for the Arts & Culture sector bio from Twitter

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Creators of web apps, widgets and webthings for social impact. Founders of @L4RP & @asyncjs. For a more regular flow of tweets, follow @premasagar

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Lab for the Recently Possible

Lab for the Recently Possible ~ a social project by @dharmafly. Tweets by @premasagar

Thomas Parslow

I'm Tom, I'm a freelance programmer from Brighton specializing in Python, Javascript and RESTful API design. I have a website at

Adhip Gupta

coffee. web. developer. brighton. formula1. music. vxtindia. coffee. coffee. bio from Twitter

Sky Apperley

I'm a freelance JavaScript and Swift developer who mostly writes iOS apps. I live in Brighton and I enjoy Burning Man and travelling. bio from Twitter

Mark Chapman

Founder of reallycare CIC - a social enterprise promoting transparency, standards and open source software in social care bio from Twitter

Andrew Cherry

Founder of Xyncro. Software/Development Consultant. Futurephile. Programming language junkie. Collector of loud electronics. bio from Twitter


Graphic Design for pixel and print.

Paul Wright

Infrastructure and API engineer at @etsy. An Englishman in Brooklyn. Finder of links.

Simon Elliott

PAL SECAM bio from Twitter

Cristiano Solarino

CTO @ BrightMinded, citizen of the world, code is my oyster... bio from Twitter

Gareth Griffiths

Designer & #vvvv developer. Founder Uberact. bio from Twitter

Julian Weaver

Makes, codes, curates, directs and manages stuff

Adam Yeats

Creative Technologist at @MetaBroadcast. JavaScript and Node.js guy. It was all a dream, I used to read .net magazine. bio from Twitter

Chris Andrews

Senior Developer at Venda Ltd bio from LinkedIn

Benjie Gillam

Full-stack developer, indie hacker, open source contributor, maker, vim, git, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Node.js, React. Ex-YC. IBD:UC bio from Twitter

Chris Newton

I program for the web. I mostly tweet observations, musings and opinions on tech, science fiction and video games. Though not necessarily in that order. bio from Twitter

Craig Moore

Set yourself high standards, but don't expect them of others. 3D, Drupal and JQuery fanatic... technology addict. bio from Twitter

This person is involved with this event.
Premasagar Rose

Web app programmer (freelance JavaScript / Node.js). Tree planter. Interested in society. Founded @asyncjs, @dharmafly + @L4RP. Ex-Brighton, now remote