Sessions at nodePDX 2012 on Sunday 12th February

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  • Meet n' Greet

    Mill about, say hi to old friends you haven't seen recently, catch up, drink some coffee/tea/OJ and get ready for the day.

    At 9:00am to 9:30am, Sunday 12th February

  • Day 2 Kickoff

    by Adron Hall and Troy Howard

    Announce the schedule for the day, WIFI credentials, tell everyone where the bathrooms are, answer any questions and resolve any confusions and generally cover any other important details of that nature.

    At 9:30am to 9:45am, Sunday 12th February

  • Building a Real-time geolocation game with Geoloqi using Node.JS

    by Kyle Drake

    There are very powerful things you can do with Node.JS, particularly with projects needing a lot of I/O operations. At Geoloqi, we have used Node.JS and Socket.IO to build a JavaScript client that allows our developers to map real-time tracking on a browser with almost no code needed. Our first project using this is MapAttack!, a truly real-time location-based geofencing game.

    Hear about how we made the game, how we made it real-time, where we're going, and where Node.JS is going to have a role in it. I will also cover what it took to build Geoloqi's Real-time Streaming API, and how it can be used to bring real-time location functionality to existing applications.

    I will also talk a little bit about the Reactor pattern, the mysterious thing underneath that powers Node.JS. I'll discuss what Reactor patterns are good for (and not so good for), and compare them with threads. I will also compare Node.JS's reactor pattern to ones in other languages.

    At 10:00am to 10:45am, Sunday 12th February

  • BattleBots in the Clouds with Node.js

    by Ken Robertson

    Years ago I always enjoyed the BattleBots show on TV and loved teams' ingenuity and inspiration to essentially build something only to have it gloriously destroyed. But is there a way we can bring that to the software world? What if we could leverage the cloud to orchestrate scalable battles.

    In this talk, will talk about using Node.js in the cloud, particularly within the Cloud Foundry ecosystem and demonstrate deploying to PaaS.io. Will then walk through this concept of software battle bots using a bot in Node.js. And lastly, will deploy the bot the cloud and run several battles using slight variations to see which one can last the longest or destroy the quickest.

    Speaker Bio

    Ken is the founder of PaaS.io, a Platform-as-a-Service company built on Cloud Foundry. PaaS.io is a language agnostic platform for easy deployment and scaling of applications. Ken prefers working with clouds on sunny days, but enjoys venturing out into the fog from time to time. When he isn't writing bad metaphors, he spends his time learning about and building scalable architectures, operational automation, and making it all work together seamlessly to be leveraged by all.


    Blog: http://invalidlogic.com
    Twitter: @krobertson
    Company: http://paas.io
    Company Blog: http://blog.paas.io
    Company Twitter: @paas_io
    Github: https://github.com/krobertson and https://github.com/paasio

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Sunday 12th February

  • Lunch Break

    Time to eat lunch! Be back by 1pm for the next session, try not to be in a food coma.

    Don't forget to wash your hands.

    At 11:45am to 1:00pm, Sunday 12th February

  • DRYing out your client-side apps

    by Garann Means

    There's plenty of cool stuff Node offers purely in terms of server-side architectures, but it also offers a way to solve a problem we've been wrestling with since client-side applications became a big deal: writing everything twice. Rather than having the templates that produce markup exist in one backend language and in JavaScript, you can reuse them. Instead of validating in JavaScript on the client for the user's convenience and then again in some other language on the server for security, you can share a validation module that can be used in both scenarios. And so on. We'll look at some of the ways to stop repeating ourselves in Node apps and focus on getting the most out of existing client-side code.

    Speaker Bio

    I'm a JavaScript developer living in Austin, TX with my dog and cat. My interest in Node stems from a history as a backend developer combined with a love of client-side apps. I sometimes maintain a colorful blog, I've spoken at a handful of JavaScript conferences, and I'm the author of "Node for Front-End Developers" from O'Reilly. When I get up from the computer, I'm remodeling my house.


    Blog: http://garann.com/dev
    Github: http://github.com/garann

    At 1:00pm to 1:45pm, Sunday 12th February

  • Geddy - A better framework for building apps on node

    by Daniel Erickson

    Many frameworks have been created to allow you to build apps on Node.js - Express, Matador, and Flatiron to name a few. But none of these frameworks are built with development velocity, backwards compatibility, and speed. This is where Geddy steps in. Geddy is a framework built and battle tested by the JS team at Yammer. It's currently running our upload service. During this talk I'll walk you through building a basic web app with geddy, and show you how we used it to build a prototype mobile site for Yammer in less than 12 hours.

    At 2:00pm to 2:45pm, Sunday 12th February

  • Building Node.JS Applications on Windows Azure

    by Aaron Stannard

    Microsoft is moving towards making Windows Azure a PaaS cloud capable of hosting applications of any shape, size, framework, and programming language, and Node.JS is one of the first non-.NET technologies we've made a first-class citizen on Windows Azure.

    In this talk you'll get a brief overview of Windows Azure itself, iisnode, and what the dev / test / production lifecycle looks like for Node.JS applications built for Windows Azure.

    At 3:00pm to 3:45pm, Sunday 12th February

  • Better Together: Building Scalable Real Time Collaborative Apps with Node.js

    by Kav Latiolais

    If you're not using node to build collaborative real time applications you might as well be using rails. In this talk we'll discuss patterns and pitfalls of synchronous node apps. We'll roll up our sleeves and dig into some code demonstrating patterns that can help you get started building highly interactive applications that sync real time state with Node.js, Socket.io, and Backbone.js. You will leave this talk with insight on how to build synchronous experiences into your applications and avoid some of the pitfalls we've suffered.

    Speaker Bio
    Kav Latiolais is a principal and co-founder at Liffft in Seattle and has been developing collaborative Node.js applications for the past year with Giant Thinkwell. He once built a horse racing app in 30 minutes on a bet. Before starting his love affair with Node.JS, Socket.IO, and CoffeeScript Kav was a Program Manager at Microsoft tasked with designing Visual Studio. Don't tell his old coworkers he exclusively uses TextMate on his Air.

    At 4:00pm to 4:45pm, Sunday 12th February

  • Hackathon and Unconference

    Structure time is over and unstructured time starts!

    Plan a hackathon on your favourite project or hold an impromptu un-conference session on a topic of your choice... or just hang out being anti-social in the corner reading reddit in the company of your peers. It's up to you!

    At 4:45pm to 5:45pm, Sunday 12th February

  • To the Bars! Cleanup and GTFO.

    by Adron Hall and Troy Howard

    We gotta be out of here by 6pm, so start figuring out what you want to do. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

    Let's all go to Bailey's Taproom, drinking and talking until midnight... or maybe head over to Ground Kontrol for some awesome retro-arcade goodness. Maybe instead we'll hit one of the amazing restaurants around town and do dinner, or go dancing at CC Slaughters. Maybe we'll just adjourn to Lucky Lab and keep hacking there. Work it out, let's hang, it'll be real.

    If you want to help cleanup, that's great but Troy and Adron will be dealing with that and don't really expect a lot of help but will totally appreciate it if you'd like to pitch in.

    At 5:45pm to 6:00pm, Sunday 12th February

  • After Party @ The Guild

    Lets go share a beer or a fancy cocktail at the The Guild Public House!

    Unfortunately this one ain't free, so bring your wallet and come hang out with us. You'll get $1 off draft beers with your NodePDX badge and they are going to be screening War Games on the big screen at 7pm. Pure awesome sauce.

    At 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Sunday 12th February