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Sunday 12th February 2012

  • BattleBots in the Clouds with Node.js

    by Ken Robertson

    Years ago I always enjoyed the BattleBots show on TV and loved teams' ingenuity and inspiration to essentially build something only to have it gloriously destroyed. But is there a way we can bring that to the software world? What if we could leverage the cloud to orchestrate scalable battles.

    In this talk, will talk about using Node.js in the cloud, particularly within the Cloud Foundry ecosystem and demonstrate deploying to Will then walk through this concept of software battle bots using a bot in Node.js. And lastly, will deploy the bot the cloud and run several battles using slight variations to see which one can last the longest or destroy the quickest.

    Speaker Bio

    Ken is the founder of, a Platform-as-a-Service company built on Cloud Foundry. is a language agnostic platform for easy deployment and scaling of applications. Ken prefers working with clouds on sunny days, but enjoys venturing out into the fog from time to time. When he isn't writing bad metaphors, he spends his time learning about and building scalable architectures, operational automation, and making it all work together seamlessly to be leveraged by all.


    Twitter: @krobertson
    Company Blog:
    Company Twitter: @paas_io
    Github: and

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Sunday 12th February