Sessions at nodePDX 2012 about DSL and Node.js on Saturday 11th February

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  • ql.io - Consuming HTTP APIs at Scale

    by Subbu Allamaraju

    Node.js is a great platform for building I/O bound apps. At eBay, my team applied node.js to solve a very common chore - how to get data from server-side HTTP APIs (or "web services") quickly. ql.io is a result of this work.

    ql.io consists of two parts

    A SQL + JSON inspired DSL for HTTP
    A runtime that you can can either deploy as an HTTP gateway or use as a JS API for node.js based apps.

    In this talk, I will show how you can use ql.io, the agility and performance gains that ql.io can bring in, and then take a deep dive into some of the design choices we made under the hood.

    Speaker Bio

    Subbu has been working with HTTP based APIs for over four years, first at Yahoo! and now at eBay. As an architect and the creator of ql.io at eBay, he is responsible for improving the way HTTP is consumed by apps and pave way for near-real-time and conversational end user experiences. He was also one of the key drivers in adopting node.js at Yahoo.


    Blog: http://subbu.org
    Project site: http://ql.io
    Twitter: @sallamar
    Company: http://ebay.com/
    Github: https://github.com/ql-io/ql.io and https://github.com/s3u

    At 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Saturday 11th February

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