Sessions at nodePDX 2012 about CoffeeScript and JavaScript

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Saturday 11th February 2012

  • Object-Oriented Patterns in JavaScript

    by Jesse Hallett

    JavaScript is a language that is tremendously flexible, but that comes with few clear conventions. Code organization is one are that has been reinvented perhaps more times than there are JavaScript programmers. I will examine a few tools that are intended to improve the experience of writing object-oriented code.

    Some of the specific tools that I plan to examine are traits.js, CoffeeScript, Prototype, and JiverScripts. The goal is to get a look at different ideas to see what each approach has to offer. We will discuss inheritance versus composition, and question when it is or is not appropriate to use object-oriented code.

    Audience participation is encouraged: if you have a favorite OO implementation, or experiences with JavaScript code organization, feel free to come and to share.

    At 1:00pm to 1:45pm, Saturday 11th February