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Nikolay Bachiyski

Meta Engineer at @automattic, programming, abstraction, asking why, travel; the silliest of the rationals and the most rational of the sillies bio from Twitter

Antony Sastre

The Coding Photographer bio from Twitter

John Ashenfelter

ruby developer, father, technologist, craftsman

Marty Haught

Husband, Father of 2, Software Developer, Entrepreneur, Boulder Ruby, mountain.rb, Haught Codeworks, Triathlete, Foodie, Outdoorsman and Lover of life. bio from Twitter

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Randall Thomas

Hacker, Geek, Musician, Philosopher, Bon Vivant. Founder of @ThunderboltLabs (ThunderboltLabs.com) bio from Twitter

Shane Riley

Front-end Developer for Hashrocket bio from Twitter

Patrik Westlund

Codefreak, Techfreak, Gamefreak bio from Twitter

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Alan Gardner

Ruby addict, codemonger and yak groomer par excellence bio from Twitter

Hannes Georg

his royal 1337ness bio from Twitter

Simon ✌ Gate

Human, developer, climber, cyclist, work @flattr

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Erin O'Brien

PhD I/O Psych Student. Amazing Aunt. Traveler. Ruby Groupie. Validation Seeker. Women in Tech Advocate. bio from Twitter

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Ben Orenstein

vim evangelist, Rails developer, @thoughtbot-ter, conference-speaking enthusiast bio from Twitter

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Jeff Casimir

Principal at Jumpstart Lab where I teach Ruby, Rails, and related technologies. bio from Twitter

Petter Wigle

Software Developer, Agile enthusiast, Long Distance Runner, Father and Husband

Piotr Zolnierek

Passionate about Ruby, Zen, Acceptance Testing, Monads, Statistics, working software agile...

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Brian Doll

Technology & Business Hacker / Marketing at GitHub / http://about.me/briandoll bio from Twitter

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Katrina Owen

Developer at Bengler, a ruby shop in the Grünerløkka area of Oslo. bio from Twitter

joel hansson

code monkey bio from Twitter

Paul Elliott

Rocketeer @ Hashrocket and frequent co-host of the Ruby5 podcast. I love wine and motorcycles, but never at the same time. bio from Twitter

Fredrik Sundström

Utvecklare på Mittmedia och vilande bildjournalist. Gävle/Sundsvall. bio from Twitter


A Chicago girl loving life in the Bay Area.

Pat Allan

Gelato connoisseur, pancake master, recovering events organiser, and web developer. He/him. bio from Twitter

Bradley Grzesiak

@bendyworks cofounder. Rubyist. Amateur Cryptographer. Former Aerospace Engineer. iOS Dev. Rejected Astronaut Candidate. Lunar Mining Expert. Software Craftsman bio from Twitter

Frank Vilhelmsen

Senior IT specialist - Clojure Hacker - Mentor and Commercial Photographer

Joren De Groof

Ruby on Rails Developer at @openminds and @invoicedonkey. Captain of the @ArrrrCamp conference and part of the @rubybelgium crew bio from Twitter

Johan Lind

Developer. Alchemist. Co-founder of @adaptivsthlm bio from Twitter

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Corey Haines

filled with joy and love...I make magic. Also... CTO/Co-founder at @wearehearken

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Aaron Quint

I like to make things. Repping Kingston, NY. Buy my book @thepizzabook. Hear me giggle @beatsryetypes. baking bread @kingstonbread. bio from Twitter

Andy Delcambre

I love whisky, food, snowboarding, rock climbing, backpacking, travelling and bike riding. I also work on http://gist.github.com at http://github.com. bio from Twitter

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Nordic Ruby 2012

Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

15th16th June 2012

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