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Featuring talks by some of the brightest names working today, Open Web Camp IV is a one-day event held in the heart of Silicon Valley. Topics range from HTML5 and CSS3 to accessible web development and delivering for the mobile web. Learn from industry pros how the open web will rock your world.

18 speakers

  • Estelle Weyl @estellevw Activist. Open web standardista
  • Peter Lubbers @peterlubbers Chrome Developer Relations Program Manager, Google
  • Ben Ward @benward Software engineer at Twitter, San Francisco
  • Jonathan Snook @snookca Design team at Shopify
  • Kitt Hodsden @kitt I help build websites and communities
  • Dirk Ginader @ginader Senior UX Prototyper with a passion for Javascript and Accessibility
  • Luz Caballero @gerbille Opera Web Opener
  • Victor Tsaran @vick08 Sr. Inclusive Design Program Manager at Yahoo!
  • Glenda Sims @goodwitch Accessibility Expert at Deque.com, infectious open web evangelist, goodwitch.
  • Dave Freeman @sugar_dave Enyo Developer Relations SWAT Engineer
  • Oswald Campesato @ocampesato Involved in HTML5 and mobile development
  • Glenda Watson Hyatt @GlendaWH Accessibility specialist, advocate, author, and all-around I’ll-do-it-myself girl

Coverage of Open Web Camp IV

18 sessions

44 known attendees

  • Raquel Alvarado
  • Chris Wilson
  • John Foliot
  • Mark Reeder
  • Hadley Beeman
  • Tomomi ❤ Imura
  • Theresa O'Connor
  • molly e. holzschlag
  • Jessica Ledbetter
  • Kimberly Blessing
  • TamarBurton
  • Denis Boudreau
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Ilya Grigorik
  • Sylvain Carle
  • Bill Scott
  • Claudio Cossio
  • Estelle Weyl
  • Peter Lubbers
  • Gary Fong
  • Carina C. Zona
  • Ben Ward
  • Snook
  • Ed Palumbo ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
  • Ted Drake
  • Kitt Hodsden
  • Katherine Mancuso
  • Steve Faulkner
  • huang47
  • Dirk Ginader
  • Luz Caballero
  • Victor Tsaran
  • Glenda Sims
  • Dave Freeman
  • Oswald Campesato
  • Glenda Watson Hyatt
  • Frank M. Palinkas
  • timarmandpour
  • Tsung-Han Chen
  • Shilpa Thanawala

33 people tracking this event

  • Vince Veselosky
  • Miguel Angel Ivars Mas
  • Vorasuang D. Chinda
  • Raphael Kallensee
  • R
  • Monica Wilkinson
  • Kapil Apshankar
  • Saleem Khan | #JOVRNALISM founder
  • Jaemi K
  • Don Turnbull
  • Saurabh Bhambry
  • James Young
  • chanezon
  • Kevin Marks
  • Léonie Watson
  • BigBlueHat
  • Evan Prodromou
  • Miriam Suzanne
  • Cédric Hüsler
  • Tim Anglade
  • Julien Genestoux
  • Saba
  • *Legion*
  • Alexandre Morgaut
  • Dave Balmer
  • Chris Hester
  • Ryan B Harvey
  • Suleyman Vardar
  • james ruggieri
  • Alessandro Raffa
  • Frank L Palmans
  • Harvey A. Ramer

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