Call for Participation

OSCON 2012

If you are one or more of the following:
* Developer or programmer
* Systems administrator
* Hacker or geek
* Enterprise developer or manager
* IT manager, CxO or entrepreneur
* Trainer or educator
* Open source enthusiast or activist

We invite you to submit a proposal to lead conference sessions or tutorials at OSCON 2012.

Some of the topics we’re on the lookout for the 2012 conference program are:
* Best practices for building a business around open source
* Innovations in user experience such as interfaces, design, and UIs
* Cultural changes due to ubiquitous network and compute
* Cloud computing, openness in distributed services
* Geek lifestyle – hacking, quantified self, inbox zero, maker culture
* Open web, open standards, open data, open, open, open!
* Leadership in the changing Open Source culture

2012 Tracks
* The business of open source
* Cloud computing
* Open source community
* Databases and datastores
* Healthcare
* Open hardware
* Mobile platforms
* Geek lifestyle
* Tools and techniques
* Operations and systems administration
* Programming
* Emerging languages
* Java and JVM languages
* Javascript / HTML 5
* Perl
* Python
* Ruby

This call is now closed. You can find more information here.

  • Closed on: 12th January 2012



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