Sessions at OSCON 2012 about Arduino on Tuesday 17th July

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  • Get Started with the Arduino - A Hands-On Introductory Workshop (SOLD OUT)

    by Philip Lindsay

    Have you always wanted to create hardware devices to interact with the real world? Heard about the Arduino electronics prototyping platform but not sure how to get started? When you attend this workshop you will: set up an Arduino board & software; learn how the Arduino fits into the field of physical computing; and make your Arduino respond to button presses and blink lights. Hardware is fun!

    At 9:00am to 12:30pm, Tuesday 17th July

    In D137-138, Oregon Convention Center

  • Connecting iOS to the open source world with Arduino

    by Alasdair Allan

    Until recently, the restrictions placed on developers meant that if you were an independent developer, or even a small company, you probably couldn’t get access to the documentation and components you needed to connect your iOS device to an arbitrary piece of hardware. Little of the innovation that people were expecting with the arrival of the External Accessories framework actually occurred, and much of the blame for this is usually laid at the feet of Apple’s Made for iPod (MFi) licensing program.

    However the arrival of an MFi approved serial cable has changed all of that, for the first time its easy to connect your proprietary Apple hardware to the Open Source world.

    This tutorial will walk you through connecting an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to an Arduino or other external hardware using an RS-232 adaptor. This is hardware hacking for iOS developers. You'll learn how to build an iOS applications that talk to the real world, talk to sensors that talk back, and make iOS part of the Internet of Things.

    At 1:30pm to 5:00pm, Tuesday 17th July

    In D137-138, Oregon Convention Center