Sessions at OSCON 2012 about HTML5 on Friday 20th July

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  • Media and Video in the HTML5 Age

    by Andrew Davis and Michael Dale

    I want to cover how media moves towards HTML5 starting at migration from Flash players to the challenges of playing a video in HTML5 and across devices. All that while surveying current Open Source players including benchmarks on performance and plugins.
    I will end with special visual effects on a video players much like YouTube Christmas player or other Canvas tricks that will lead the industry

    At 10:00am to 10:40am, Friday 20th July

    In F151, Oregon Convention Center

  • Client/Server Apps with HTML5 and Java

    by James Ward

    The web application landscape is rapidly shifting back to a Client/Server architecture. This time around the Client is JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in the browser. The tools and deployment techniques for these types of applications are abundant and fragmented. This session will teach you how to pull together jQuery, LESS, Twitter Bootstrap, and some CoffeeScript to build the Client. The Server could be anything that talks HTTP but this session will use the Play Framework. You will also learn how to deploy Client/Server web apps on the cloud using a Content Delivery Network (Amazon CloudFront) for the Client and a Cloud Application Provider (Heroku) for the Server.

    At 11:00am to 11:40am, Friday 20th July

    In Portland 255, Oregon Convention Center

  • Designing HTML5 Components

    by Joonas Lehtinen

    Dozens of toolkits offer a range of widgets to build rich web applications, but the included widget set is rarely enough. This presentation shows how a new component can be designed and implemented from scratch. Topics covered include considerations for choosing DOM structure, finding a balance between performance and features, implementation considerations and testing the component.

    At 11:00am to 11:40am, Friday 20th July

    In D137, Oregon Convention Center