Over the Air 2012

36 Hours of Mobile Development

1 2 June 2012

Over the Air is an event that defies easy description. It’s a celebration of creativity. It’s a festival of all things mobile. It’s a place where attendees can learn about technologies, trends and techniques. It’s a sleep-over. It’s a two day party. It’s an event where practitioners of creative and technical disciplines can come together to learn from each other. It’s about recognizing software development as a creative discipline. It’s an opportunity to build new relationships. It’s a space where you can build cool stuff and show it off to an appreciative crowd. It’s all these things. And by the way, it’s free.

We promise the following: if you attend, you will learn about stuff you didn’t know about before, will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people you haven’t met before, will be inspired, and possibly amazed. By the end of the day Saturday, you will definitely be exhausted. We’re not saying it will change your life, but we’re not saying it won’t either.

78 speakers

Coverage of Over the Air 2012

58 sessions

Day 1 from 9:30am Friday 1st June 2012

36 sessions presented by 78 speakers

Day 2 from 7:30am to 5:30pm Saturday 2nd June 2012

Bletchley Park

England England / Bletchley

Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB

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198 known attendees

  • William Morland
  • Betsy Weber
  • Matt Andrews
  • Adam Leach
  • Thomas Curtis
  • Nigel Crawley
  • Florian Rathgeber
  • Ben Werdmuller
  • Andrew Betts
  • Sam Machin
  • Daniel Tull
  • Duncan Cragg
  • Andrew Newman
  • liza  layne
  • Shakir Ali
  • Rufus Cable
  • Morena Fiore-Kirby
  • Saqib Shaikh
  • Giuseppe Sollazzo
  • Kevin S Prince
  • Joe Maffia
  • Luis Abreu
  • Robert Douglas
  • Matt Lacey
  • Adewale Oshineye
  • Thibaut Rouffineau
  • Matt Oakes
  • Andy Humphreys
  • kgutteridge
  • Wolfram Kriesing
  • Colin Moore-Hill
  • Tom Usher
  • Nico Macdonald
  • Shaun
  • Paul Johnston
  • Matt Biddulph
  • Ashley Burton
  • Hadley Beeman
  • Imran Ghory
  • Nathan Wong

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183 people tracking this event

  • Anselmo Silva
  • Martin Higham
  • Simon Frost
  • Liane Farrer
  • Paul Rutter
  • Mark Cheverton
  • Fergus Doyle
  • Andreas Bjärlestam
  • Dan Goodwin
  • John Stevenson
  • Nestor Rojas
  • sheilaellen
  • Robin Harrison
  • Paul
  • Joachim Thomas
  • Dave Nattriss
  • Tim Caynes
  • Ben Firshman
  • Ant Miller
  • Hon Lee
  • Spike
  • Media Futures
  • Tara
  • Andrew Disley
  • Flyin' LethalHammers
  • Christopher Hackett
  • Carolyn Jones
  • Darwin Peltan
  • Gregory Marler
  • RobFarnell
  • Nick Smith
  • Richard George
  • karl
  • Andy Buckingham
  • Julianne Bowman
  • Ben Strawson
  • Dougal Matthews
  • Jonathan Marks
  • Rodoljub Petrović
  • David Burton

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