Sessions at Over the Air 2012 about Mobile Web on Friday 1st June

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  • HTML5 Mobile Web Apps and the Open Mobile Revolution

    by Emanuele Bolognesi

    The open mobile revolution is upon us! Thanks to HTML5 and open web standards, mobile web apps can compete head to head with native applications by using features such as geolocation, offline caching, web storage, canvas and CSS3 transitions among many others.
    In this session we will cover the basics of mobile web apps creation, identifying the most effective HTML5 features for mobile platforms and examining their compatibility with different devices. We will also talk about the current and future opportunities for distributing and monetizing your apps. Whether you are a web developer looking for a way to “go mobile”, or you are interested in the mobile web apps market, this session is for you.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Friday 1st June

    In Ball Room, Bletchley Park

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  • If Mobiles Don't Come to the Web, the Web Must Come to Mobiles

    by Christian Heilmann

    There is a lot of work in the making about keeping the mobile web open and luring users away from the siren song of closed environments. A lot of the problems the web has on mobile devices is that the hardware is not available to us using web technologies. This is changing. Google, Microsoft and Mozilla are all working on making it possible to write apps and web sites in the same open technologies and with the web APIs and boot to gecko we have access to the things that make phones fun without having to resort to writing native code. In this talk Chris Heilmann will show what is already possible and where you can help to keep the mobile web open and allow for innovation.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Friday 1st June

    In Marquee Tent, Bletchley Park

  • Facebook Open Graph: from Zero to Hero in 60 Minutes

    by Simon Cross

    We'll build an Open Graph-enabled application from scratch that works on the Web, Mobile web, iOS and Android. We'll cover:

    • creating action types and object types
    • exposing and debugging objects
    • publishing from web, mobile web, iOS and Android native apps
    • object references
    • action references
    • tagging people and places
    • user-messages
    • iOS and Android native app distribution
    • iOS and Android deep linking

    No powerpoint, no big number slides, no bull***t - just real live demos and code. Everything you need to take on the Open Graph Challenge

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Friday 1st June

    In Marquee Tent, Bletchley Park

  • Appcelerator Titanium - From Zero to App

    by Joe Maffia, Simon Buckingham, Ketan Majmudar, Liz Myers and Boydlee Pollentine

    Participants in this 2 hr workshop will learn all they need to know about cross-platform mobile app development using Titanium. In the first 30 min we'll give a brief overview of the platform, basic building blocks (views), device APIs, and cloud services. At the same time, we'll demo how to use Titanium Studio and the iOS/Android workflow.

    The rest of the workshop will be hosted in bar camp fashion where London Titans will spread out to the far corners of the room - using their apps to demo the possibilities. Participants can pick and choose which stations they want to visit for 1:1 assistance implementing given technologies. Every 20-30 min there'll be an opportunity to rotate (or not) depending on needs/interest. This is a fabulous opportunity to get some hands-on experience with some of the best Titanium Developers on the planet!

    Those planning to attend are strongly encouraged to download Titanium plus the iOS and/or Android SDK in advance of this session.

    At 5:00pm to 7:00pm, Friday 1st June

    In Music Room, Bletchley Park