Sessions at PHP UK Conference 2012 about Continuous Integration

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Friday 24th February 2012

  • The journey towards Continuous Integration

    by Sebastian Marek

    Over the past three years we’ve been pushing to improve our automated testing practices within Plusnet and to win full support for it within the company across the spectrum of fellow developers, project managers and upper management. It took a while to agree on software we want to use, and standards we want to follow, but now all new code is being continuously built and tested and the results of that are visible business-wide. We use PHP_CodeSniffer to verify that we follow our coding standards, DocBlox to generate automated API documentation, PHPUnit to run test suites and Jenkins to run all these tools regularly, at least once a day and to generate aggregated reports. On top of that we run acceptance and regression tests using selenium and Behat. Finally, Sonar allows us to create and publish reports visible to everybody and more importantly reports that everybody can understand.

    Setting it all up can be a tough exercise, but if you prepare to it upfront you might actually find it quite exciting! So, you strongly believe this is the way you should be developing your code, but you don’t really know where to start? Let me show you how our journey began. You don’t know how to convince your fellow developers to follow you? I’ll tell you how to establish a strong team that will follow you. Your managers seem to be more interested in delivering your project on time and don’t really see a point in spending additional time on unit testing and documenting your code? Maybe you haven’t shown them the benefits of continuous integration in a way they can understand.

    I’ll show you what worked for us.

    At 10:50am to 11:50am, Friday 24th February

  • Scaling communication with Continuous Integration

    by LB Denker

    At Etsy, we continuously deploy code. New features and bug fixes can go from development to production in 20 minutes. We have maintained this low barrier to deployment over the past year despite nearly doubling the number of people that can deploy.

    Communication has a huge impact on the velocity of development and moving forward. We explicitly communicate over IRC, but we also evolve communication patterns through several other vectors, and one of those vectors is our Continuous Integration environment.

    In this talk I will not only discuss how communication patterns at Etsy have evolved with our growing development team, but I will also elaborate on how team size, role composition, motivation, culture, and available tools sets can impact communication patterns and subsequently throughput.

    At 2:50pm to 3:35pm, Friday 24th February

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