Sessions at PHP UK Conference 2012 about Big Data and Data Science

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Friday 24th February 2012

  • Big Data web - Big Data science - Big Data mining

    by James Littlejohn

    The role of data science is becoming more prominent as the big data web emerges. This talk introduces the role of the data scientist and how data mining techniques are being applied, some using PHP. We are not talking application data but about creating new “... value from the data itself, … it’s a data product.” to quote the, O'Reilly Radar Report: What is Data Science?

    Data touches everything. Understanding it all is the biggest problem out there to solve. Data crosses all industries, all parts of a business and all that makes up life. The future web is about finding answers, discoveries, stitching together sources, busting data silos to release the next level of collective wisdom for society.

    This talk will set the scene of the big data web, share Data Scientist case studies and take a hands on look at text data mining code.

    At 10:50am to 11:50am, Friday 24th February

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