Playful IOT Futures

What is the Web of Things people really want?

7 November 2012 from 12pm to 6pm

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What does a world look like where every object is connected to the Internet, and thus can be detected and directed by other objects, computers and humans? What opportunities (and risks) arise, and how to do we get there?

This is an invite-only unconference event based around people, technologies and concepts in a future Internet of Things, and what this could and should look like.

If you would like an invite to this event please contact the organisers via email - michael DOT sparks AT bbc DOT co DOT uk, or vicky DOT spengler AT bbc DOT co DOT uk.

Note: This is not the canonical sign up page for this event, and in particular, the attendee list below is incorrect! In particular, currently we're at 60 people attending not 15!

15 known attendees

  •  Michael
  • Céline Semaan
  • Carlton Reeve
  • Max Zadow
  • Natasha Carolan
  • osfameron
  • Steve Bunce
  • Zoe Elise Breen
  • Ian Forrester
  • Robert Taylor
  • Howard Baker
  • Jo Claessens
  • Dave Mee
  • Andy Powell
  • Matt Edgar

26 people tracking this event

  • Paul Downey
  • Tristan Ferne
  • jason taylor
  • Christopher Hackett
  • Saleem Khan
  • Gregory Povey
  • Alan O'Donohoe
  • Nigel Crawley
  • Brian Suda
  • Kars Alfrink
  • Bean
  • John McKerrell
  • Dan W
  • Elvia Vasconcelos
  • marrije schaake
  • Andy Piper
  • Martin Spindler
  • The Sharp Project
  • Daniel Bigler
  • David Hawdale
  • Chris Adams
  • Jessi Baker
  • Alex Martindale
  • Paul Coulton
  • Andy Goodwin
  • Pelle Sten

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